three things thursday

1. I had to work last night, so I brought up a day's worth of stuff and then ran in this morning.  BRRRR.  That wind is no joke.  My eyes watered like crazy and then froze to my face.  Le sauces of awesome.  However, it means I knocked out 8 miles for this week's "long run," and now can race the 5K and then happily stuff my face with breakfast, guilt-free.  But I'm really nervous about how my body is going to react to working a full day after a long run instead of climbing back under the electric blanket for 2 hours.

2. There was a dusting of snow last night and half the school systems closed.  I am so over winter.

3. I found a double century this June.  Is that insane?  It's an out-and-back, and they require a 18-22 average to not be SAG'd off the course.  It'd be a seriously awesome challenge, and I'm really thinking about doing it.  On a scale of 1 to wacko, how crazy?


  1. If you can hit the minimum times, I say yes to the double! Just make sure you can hit times though if you think the disappointment of not completing will outweight the joys of participating...

  2. Congrats on your long run! Awesomeness.

    And I'd say its wackadoodle, which means YES, DO IT! And tell me how it is so next year when I'm a good enough rider I'll try it :)

  3. Do it! Isn't that what being an endurance athlete is all about?

    So happy you had a good run! Didn't it make you feel like a bad ass?

  4. Hey now! We know the dusting of snow is a gift to all of us teachers who are working our a-hems! off to ensure that the future leaders of this country are educated beyond belief!

    *Though I wonder the message it sends to those future leaders and if the sense of entitlement will grow to "well, there's flakes in the air, we're entitled to a day off" reality.*

    I'll enjoy a long run on the trails later, providing I end my mass baking for the next month.

    Long Live Snow Days! :-)

  5. Is there a wacko-oooooo to the (insert infinity symbol here) because that's what I give you.

    I'm pretty excited for post-race carbfest.

  6. Total 200!!! Do it! I just signed up -- it's going to be a huge challenge but an awesome accomplishment :)

  7. from 1-wacko I give this a wacko.. but you HAVE to do it!!

  8. Great job on the long run. I just moved mine to Saturday because it's supposed to be beautiful. I'm not racing the 5k though.

    Definitely wacko, but sounds like a fun challenge.

  9. How wacko is a double century? I give you some awesome quotes from the RD of an ultra so tough, only a few have ever finished:

    "You don't have to go to Barkley to 'get it.'
    'It' is nothing more than putting something on the line
    taking a chance and trying to do something you do not know for certain you can do.

    There is no success
    if failure is not in the mix."
    "True success is not the absence of failure,
    It is the refusal to surrender."

    --Lazarus Lake, Race Director of The Barkley Marathons

  10. 1 - 8 miles + knocking out your commute = awesome.
    2 - I would love winter a lot more if I was a school teacher.
    3 - I'd go with crazy, but I haven't even had the balls to do a full century yet.
    3a - I'll try to send out an email today or tomorrow to everyone about meeting up Sunday.

  11. "Le Sauce of Awesome" I frigging love that! LMAO!!! You are awesome girl! Eat up!!!

    As for the Century, DO IT!!!! You totally got this!

  12. DO the double century. You totally can do it and how AWESOME would that be?!?! WOW!! I am so over winter too! I hear you about long runs....I climb right back in bed and watch movies for hours after!

  13. Perhaps the double century is a bit crazy, but I say go for it!

    Ready for winter to be done here too :). But great job putting up with the cold for the run...hope you thawed out ok.

  14. Man

    I. Feel. For. You!!

  15. awesome.
    not crazy at all.
    I call that ambition.
    BELIEVE :)

  16. 1. Congrats on the 8 miles, that is awesome! I thought you worked from home, and saw that on FB, instead of 8 in the wind!! That wind yesterday sucked!
    2. Yay Sunday!!!
    3. yes, that is insane.


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