three things thursday

1. This no-running thing sucks a big fatty.  I didn't realize how much 9-12 miles per week was keeping me sane.  And thanks to the rain, 2 morning rides have been rained out this week.  My ass is pretty tired of the stationary bike.  Oh, AND I didn't go pool running this morning because I decided that eating my weight in melted cheese then chocolate fondue and then drinking the better part of a bottle of wine and sleeping in until 8AM (yep, I'm a sloth) sounded like a better idea.  Ugh.

2. I totally suck at reading a calendar.  I did a long ride last Sunday thinking I had 2 weeks to the Reston Century.  I was planning on doing 2 20-30 milers during the week, and a short ride of 35-40 this weekend to let my legs taper just a bit, as my quads are still pretty trashed from the long ride.  Errrm, oops.  It's this weekend.  I'm a genius.  Oh well, FREE ICE CREAM at the finish!  Woohoo!

3. I just realized I didn't have any ice cream yesterday, for the first time in probably a month.  WHOMP!!!  (We won't talk about how this is because of the massive amount of sugar I ingested at dinner).  I'd like to call it a major success.  YES.


  1. You have a century ride this weekend! Badass!

    I hope you start your ice cream streak over today because a life without ice cream is no life at all!

  2. Since you are my "commitment to fitness" barometer, I don't feel so bad about skipping last night's swim now.

    Assume one could view and cheer on this Century ride of yours?

  3. Good luck at your ride this weekend. It sucks to mix up your days and get whomped with that. I haven't forgotten a race day before, but I did mix up distance & location once. Whoops.

  4. Have a blast at your century. I hope it lifts your spirits some--sounds like you need it!

  5. Have a great ride. Just go for it. I hear ya with the ice cream deal. I'm trying to "diet" and not having dessert after dinner is killing me. If I make it 3 days without dessert, it'll be a miracle.

  6. Have a fun ride!

    I'd lose my mind if I couldn't run...


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