My body still isn't quite right.  I couldn't manage to eat dinner last night - swallowing makes me actually nauseous - and instead just picked at little snacks all night.  I don't feel that sore, but then I'll lean over or stretch in bed and notice that my quads are exhausted.  I took a whole entire rest day yesterday.  And life goes on.

I've got two rides this week that will definitely be at at serious "recovery" (read: barely moving) pace, and I go back to PT today for another beating.  I'm halfway through the 2-week ban on running, and I'm looking forward to spending some time both pool running and swimming this week.  I also find that when I lay off the lifting in preparation for a race, I really miss it.  I know that I don't lose any real muscle by taking 5 days off lifting, but it feels so good to go back.

As far as what's next - not sure.  I've got a little bit of the "now what?" going on.  The next week or so at PT should tell me what fall running will look like.  The Army 10M is starting to look more and more like it's not going to happen.  As for cycling, I'm already mentally adding more consistent hill workouts to my cycling as I've got two more century rides in the next 6 weeks - one metric, but it will cover a lot of Sunday's terrain.  

But in the meantime, I'm going to stretch and ice and feed my body, and hope it forgives me.  What do you do in recovery?  How long to you wait to return to gentle, then full activity?  How much ice cream do you eat while you're waiting?  These are the questions keeping me awake.


  1. This is your first super long endurance event, right? Your body is just in shock. The next time or two, you'll get the most wonderful, long-lasting, I-can-eat-everything-in-sight hunger. It sounds weird but it's quite magical. I think it's why I keep running ultras.

  2. I agree with ultrarunnergirl - this too shall pass ;) Take it easy as long as it takes to start feeling somewhat normal again. I used wait a min of 3 days before attempting to run again after a marathon, now I do well with recovery runs the day after, but that is due to the fact I know what to expect now.
    Your hunger will come back too, as you move and stretch more ;)
    Okay, what the heck is a metric ride?

  3. Hope that you get back to 100% soon! Very impressive that you've got more extreme races coming up so soon. I bet with that hill work and the knowledge from this last race you'll kill them.


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