three things thursday

1. I'm very glad that I drank 3 beers last and decided not to ride this morning, because if I had gotten stuck in the storm that just came through, I would've been hopping-around-pissed-off.

2. The nice people over at Reflect Sports sent me some Hoo Ha Ride Glide to try a few weeks ago.  Holy wow, folks.  I was having some chafing issues in my no-no place, and let me say - this stuff is AWESOME!!!  It's got some peppermint in it, so my crack has an ice-cool feeling to it the entire time I am riding.  I can't really speak to any other chamois creams/chafing creams because I haven't tried them, but I heart this in a big way.  Getting surprised in the shower by stinging skin was NO FUN.  I went out and bought the big huge giant bottle, and I still have some samples hidden in my bike bag (no one wants to get caught with a chafed booter).  I also love that it says "Don't ignore the needs of your Hoo Ha!" on their website.  Hope you're listening!!

To help you give them a try, they set up a discount code for 15% off anything online!  Just enter RTAD1015 at checkout.  Save the Hoo Ha!

3. It's been a very good year.

Stay tuned....another giveaway coming soon!  Squishy sugar nom nom!


  1. yes yes, no neglecting the hoo ha! :)

    I also drank three beers (ok, five) and skipped my run last night. Working out has been an epic fail in Denver thus far. My tolerance, however, is finally back up! (along with my pants size)

  2. Haa! I love that you refer to the Booter (and the Biscuit). I am 12.

  3. You make me laugh. Glad your are doing your part for the hoo has in the world!

  4. LMAO at number 2. Glad the hoo ha is all better. ;o)

  5. So glad I caught up on your blog this morning. We just had a twitter convo last night about this issue. I'm new to cycling and need info like this really bad!!


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