three things thursday

1. I ran FOURRRRR miles yesterday.  Several things of note.  This is a post IT-band fiasco PR for distance (in English: the longest run I've had since March).  Running this far on a treadmill sucks a big fatty.  I ended up messing with the incline and speed the last mile because I was bored.  Next, my IT band didn't hurt the entire time.  DID Y'ALL HEAR THAT?!?!??  Did.  NOT.  HURT.  But my hip flexors were tight when I hopped off.  Bastards.  So I had a foam roller session last night that probably made my neighbors think we were filming a porno in the living room.  Also, I'm pretty sure this is faster than my actual 4-mile PR.  Yes, I'm slow, shut yer trap.

Total: 4 miles/35:43/avg. pace 8:54

2. Still haven't managed to break the eating-ice-cream-every-day habit, except for Tuesday, because after the hill workout there was no way anything that went down wasn't coming right back up, and I'm not going to waste ice cream like that.

3. We're headed up to PA today for a weekend filled with birthday celebrations and sibling drama.  Hopefully I'll run into my gym boyfriend.


  1. Ohhh my goodness, that is so stinkin' exciting! I still remember the glory of my first 30-minute run after spending months in PT for my IT band. I chose my playlist carefully—can't waste any songs when you're not running long!—and sprinted at the end for good measure. Hope this is a harbinger of things to come!

  2. Must be all of that pool running! See you there next week?

  3. Awesome! I'm so excited for you girlie! Whoo hoo!
    And, when you are in PA, I always receive the best texts and tweets! Can't wait! Have a blast :)

  4. Woo hoo for 4 Miles!!! As for the ice cream diet, I don't think I could ever jump on that train... my tummy hates the ice cream. But chocolate chip cookies... that's one I've spent significant time on in the past for sure! LOL! Have a great weekend girl!

  5. woo hoo!!!! You are amazing! hope the gym boyfriend appreciates the firmer ghetto bootay!


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