random friday facts

1. When I meet people, I always look at the size of their upper arms.  Usually they are much skinnier than mine and I am jealous.  This probably makes me a bad person.

2. If my dog was a person, he'd be a heart surgeon, based on what he does to all of his stuffed animals.

3. I don't like it when the people at my gym say goodbye to me.  But I feel bad ignoring them, so I always turn my music down so I can hear if they say it.

4. I HATE shopping in stores.  I don't like when salespeople talk to me either.  Despite having worked in retail, where I know the sign of a good staff is lots of offers for help, I much prefer stores where people just leave me alone.

5. I realized yesterday that I've biked/run almost 3x as many miles as I've driven in the past month.  And that includes my 130-mile trip to PA.  This makes me happy.

6. I haven't purchased makeup in probably a year.  I'm okay with this.

7. I desperately need a bikini wax, but now that I'm going on a mini-vacation at the end of the month, I'm going to wait until right before I go.  My apologies to everyone at the W-L pool until then.  I much prefer waxing to anything else because I like things that are clean.

8. I am unreasonably excited about getting new baseboard molding next week.

9. I completely sympathize with people who are hermits.  If I could never leave my house, I think that would be okay.

10. My socks almost never match.

11. I've totally checked out of my 2 classes.  Both have about 3 weeks left and I haven't done any of the reading in about, ohhhh, 3 weeks?  At least?  I'm ready to be done.

12. I think it's totally acceptable for a family of 2 to have 6 or more cars.  This from the person who drives about 4 miles per week.

13. Sometimes I play Snood during conference calls.

14. I love the smell of a brand-new shower curtain.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. You always crack me up with these random facts. Sweet deal on running/biking further than you have driven. And remind me that if I ever meet you, to wear a bulky sweatshirt, just in case my upper arms are smaller than yours. Happy Friday!

  2. Ha! Have a great weekend, I still owe you videos from our doggy adventure! I'm on overload right now, ACK! :) HUGE workouts this month, I love it!

  3. I not only look at upper arms, but also calf size. I'm jealous of people who don't have "functional legs".

    11. - you can do it!!!

  4. Haha I always feel bad not saying hi or by to the people at my gym too!

  5. i'm also weirded out by the people that say "bye" at the gym. and have checked out of classes. so, you're not alone, my dear

  6. Shopping in stores totally stresses me out. There are ususally crying babies, bad kids,and sunburned pissed off tourists (gotta love living on the beach)that I have to dodge. I'd much rather shop online. :)


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