random friday facts

1. I cannot wait 2 more weeks until just before vacation for a bikini & eyebrow wax.  I'm going insane here.

2. Still having problems on the bike with a numb biscuit.  I'm going to take my bike to the shop today and see if they can adjust the angle of my seat down a little bit to reduce the pressure.  I am not choosing between cycling and sex.

3. When G has to go out during the day, he comes over and sits next to me and puts his head on my leg.  This week, he's been doing it several times a day, but it turns out he's bored and wants to play.  Maybe it's time for him to work on an MBA and have a job.
Do I have to pee or do I want to play?

4. There is no one at my gym before 8:30am.  I love it, but, wtf?

5. I can't wait to carb-load tomorrow night for the century ride.  That's why we do endurance sports, right?  So we can eat pasta.

6. I guess these are not random facts, but more random updates.

7. I am counting the minutes until I go on vacation.  I haven't had a true vacation (more than a long weekend - although this is a long weekend, too) in about 4 years.  And I got amoebic dysentery on that one.

8. I started shopping yesterday for said vacation.  Stores are not my friend.  I would just buy everything online, but I've been living in spandex for the past 3 (ok, 8) months and have no idea what size I am anymore, just that all the clothes in my closet are way too big.

9. I might take a rest day tomorrow, to compensate for the fact that I'm an idiot & forgot the date of the century ride and have been busting ass all week like usual.  But I was planning on pool running in the morning, so maybe not.

10. I haven't been to the hill workout in 3 weeks and felt it a bit this morning.  Too much time on a stationary bike this week.

11. The molding is done and I hung (ok, the poet hung) 85% of the new curtains.  I love my house.

12. That said, my list of things to get done is many, many pages long.  Anyone know an architect?

13. Usually I like Fridays, because my morning is all prep for meetings and meetings, and time flies.  For some reason, I just want today to be over.  Maybe I need a nap.

14. I never like getting up before dawn to ride or run, but I'm always happy and chipper 5 minutes into it, and I never regret going.


  1. One one in your gym early in the moring?? Mine is packed by 6am.

  2. #2 ...and you shouldn't have to (choose)!!! No bueno.

    #14 ->big love for Endorphins ;) where would be without them...


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