random friday facts

1. I don't like it when people touch their feet in front of me.

2. For several years I had acrylic fingernails and got them "done" every week.  Now I think it would drive me crazy.

3. I don't like using a mouse, I much prefer 8 keystrokes to moving my hand ALL the way to the trackpad.

4. There was a huge storm in DC last night.  I was really hoping a tree would fall on my house so insurance would pay for the second-story renovation I'm planning.

5. I know you aren't supposed to q-tip your ears, but it just feels so darn good.

6. I prefer the pool to the ocean, but the sand to the concrete.

7. I wish my dog could talk.  He would giggle a lot.

8. Every time my boss says, "I need to talk to you," I feel like I'm going to get fired.

9. People that use bad grammar in emails drive me insane.  You are never in that much of a hurry.

10. I wish I knew how to surf.

11. I'm un-deciding to give away (sell for $800) my Army 10-miler bib.  I'm going to give my legs another month to see what is going on.  This is not optimism or hope, it is a logical statement of fact.

12. I'm not sure what I'll do with all my free time when my MBA is complete.  Shower?


  1. If you come down to VA Beach, I'll teach you how to surf, if you'll teach me how to do weights. G can play with my two pups!

  2. Showering is overrated. Just ask the Byron sisters. Oh, and #5...ahhhhhhhhhhh. :)

  3. I'm the same with a lot of these! I love to q-tip my ears! I probably do it at least twice a week. I love the way it feels too. And I'm the same way if my boss wants to talk to me. I get real worried about it.

  4. When they would call the whole office into the conference room back in DC, I was always sure it was to public fire me.

  5. I'd have to say that I've been hoping for #4 as well, you would think that with two big storms coming thru one would cause enough damage! Maybe next week. . .

  6. Hey, I get my nails done! Ugh actually. 14 years and I'm so afraid to quit! My nails are like crap under there! It's a vicious circle.

    Move to California and you can learn to surf here. I just hung out with a bunch of cool surfers yesterday in Santa Cruz :)

    Oh, and I'm glad Lilly can't talk. She would swear like a sailor and tell all my secrets!

  7. I know what you mean by #8 I feel the same way!

  8. #2 EVERY week?! Holy whoa, that would definitely drive me crazy. Also, props to your bank account for keeping up. ;)

    #5 you're Not supposed to? Damn.

    #11 I have my fingers crossed for those legs. :)

  9. Never would have taken you for a fake nails girl or a fake anything girl, actually. On the flip side, my nails are so horrid, my husband tells me I should get fakes. We all have our vanities (mine is the blonde, not the nails)

    oh and #9...I would say "people *who* use bad grammar." Is that wrong?

  10. I used to have fake nails too...for about 6 months...8 years ago. Now just thinking about having them down every other week just freaks me out. But pedi's on the other hand are another story! :)


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