somehow, july is over

July FLEW by!  Good grief!  Let's take a look at those goals.....

July Goals
Itty Bitty Teeny McTiny Tri Goal: finish.  That, at least, should be a slam-dunk, but I don't want to speak too soon, so I'll say, squeee, wish me luck!  Not only did I finish, I put the hammer down on the bike ride and didn't die during the run.
Run a 5K.  Be healthy.  Keep in mind these are not mutually exclusive.  Ran 2, including a new PR!
Break the 50-mile long ride mark.  I didn't break it during July, but August 1st brought a 54-mile ride.
Keep dragging friends out for bike rides.  I enjoy this so so much.  Did a LOT of riding with friends this month.  Love it.
Continue to experiment with both cooking and my diet.  Done & done!

I'm still making small strides on the running, but this durned IT band is really preventing me from making the progress I'd like to see. I did 3 races this month, a tri and 2 5K's, and I was so happy to get back into that part of the running community.  But I still wouldn't call it recovery.  I'm a middle-distancer, and that's always been where I've been happiest.  There's an 8-mile out-and-back on one of the trails near my house with baby rolling hills by the water, and I miss it.  I miss settling into the long run zone, either chatting with my running buddy or just listening to my tunes and turning over the miles.  I miss the 5-mile tempo run I would do from my house, or the 4-miler with the straight stretch in the middle where I'd do 30-second pickups while dodging people walking home from the metro.  I'm trying really hard to be thankful for the running that I can do, for the 3-mile runs where I feel tightness, not pain, but it's hard when I know what I'm missing.

That said, I'm still working to find balance everywhere else.  As my cycling mileage ramped up, I started having a lot of knee, leg & fatigue issues.  After a week or so, I was able to isolate it to some specific exercises on my leg lifting days, as well as just generally beating up my legs too much, too soon.  So I backed off my lifting from 6-7 days a week to 4-5, doing legs only twice a week, and been much more careful about what I do on a "legs" day.  This seems to have helped a lot - my knees have calmed down, and while my quads exist kind of in a general state of tired, I've been able to adjust what I'm doing to where I still feel like the lifting is adding value to my running and cycling.  I've been swimming about once a week, which also seems to be the right balance for now.  I don't have another tri on the schedule just yet, as the next one I'd have my eye on is an Oly, which requires running 6.2 miles - not something I can do right now.  But I'm looking at some cycling tours, and also for some more 5K's and hopefully a 4- or 5-miler as I continue my slow but steady build.

I've also continued to experiment with my diet, and have dropped red meat completely.  I've been slowly phasing out chicken (my weakness), although I'm not sure I'll go all-vegetarian just yet.  I've also finally been more successful about getting more protein in my diet, and have been noticing a huge difference in how I feel, both while exercising and in the rest of my daily life.  

Miles run: 36, for a monthly high since March.
Miles cycled: 270, for an all-time high.
Puppy hair growth: about an inch.  Not enough.
Showers taken: at LEAST 6.
Bike crashes not due to clipped-in shoes: 1
Photos taken of crash injuries and not shared on the internet: 5 (you're welcome)
Laps of Haines Point: huge, overlarge number
Times I've flexed my biceps at someone: 31 (at least once per day)
Bike jerseys purchased so cyclists stop rolling their eyes at my midriff: 3
Complete rest days taken: 4
Friends who moved to Colorado: 4

August Goals
Complete a metric century (100K = 62 miles).
Another race.  It'd be nice if it was a 4- or 5-miler but I'm not picky.
Keep pool running.
Try some veggies I've hated since I've been a kid.  Things change.
Break 40 running miles for the month.  

What are your goals for August?


  1. LOL! Flex your biceps! You have NOT shared that here!
    July was good to you my friend...can't wait to see what August brings :) Try to look for some 4-5 mile races, I find a lot on there!

  2. Katie, I love your blog! Congrats on all your accomplishments this month. Very impressive, especially while you're battling IT band issues.

    It was great meeting you the other day. Any interest in pool running again tomorrow morning? Its you August goal, after all...

  3. 1.) Colorado is slowly winning. Resistance is futile - come join us!

    2.) Your description of all of our old running routes just made me a teensy bit homesick.

    3.) Your workouts and goals continue to inspire me, chicky! You're incredible!

  4. you favorite thing about reading blogs is when someone else is able to use words to describe something that i feel. i loved how you described the different routes around your house. specifically the word picture you used with, " turning over the miles". LOVE it!

    good work in july and it looks like your goals are challenging enough to keep you motivated and reasonable enough to not kill you. go get 'em!

  5. Haha, here's to a few more laps at Haines Point!

  6. It sounds like you had a great month! I just started training for my 2nd marathon last week, so this month is all about getting back into the longer runs. Another goal for me this month - start making new running friends. I finally signed up on dailymile and peeps have already started requesting me as a friend, so I'm breaking out of my shell and following them. Maybe one day I'll gather up the courage to join a group run! Thanks for continuing to inspire me to get out there and do my thing.

  7. Will you still eat my carrots for me? Please?

  8. Great recap of what seems like an awesome month!


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