random friday facts

1. I do not like beans, except in burritos.  I do not like eggs, except in cake.  I do not like fish, except in shrimp.

2. My minimum amount of yardage to make it worthwhile to get wet has gone from 1500 to about 2400, which means I've been cranky multiple times this week.

3. But thirty minutes of running is totally worth it.

4. I made of point of not talking about where I worked online anywhere...until my boss outed me on Twitter about five weeks ago.  

5. Yesterday I went and picked up my lunch instead of packing it.  It's weird how 45º just isn't as cold here.
6. I've been eating about 1-2lbs of spinach per day since I moved.

7. I didn't ride my bike for six weeks and then I rode two days in a row.  Life lesson: order more ride glide BEFORE you run out.  I was NOT as happy as a clam; in fact, my clam was not...well, you know how this ends.

8. I did forget about the magical feeling that happens when you hop on someone's wheel.  Thanks, kind larger stranger, for blocking the wind.

9. Speaking of wind, I never knew wind until now.

10. I haven't cooked a pizza at altitude yet.  I have no idea how to make crust happen.

11. I think I'm allergic to non-obnoxiously-colored swimming gear.
12. My skin has mostly adjusted to how dry it is here, which means returning to DC is going to be gross.

13. Although I have been sleeping with a humidifier on most nights.  $20 cheaper than the non-cartoon version of the same size.
14. 2013 will be my fourth year of cycling.  It might be time to spend money on gear that is meant for cycling and actually matches.
15. There has been a serious lack of puppy pictures around here lately.  I can't wait to be reunited with these faces.  And, you know, with my husband.  But.  PUPPIES!
16. This is the longest I've been separated from the poet, ever.  Yesterday I noticed I was eyeing up the guy folding my burrito.  Heh.  Time to head home. 

17. I found us a house after three days of looking but remain unable to select an iPhone case.

18. Busted through another swim cap last weekend, which makes five in about six weeks.  Maybe my brain is growing.

19. We will probably spend the better part of Christmas day in Kansas.  And that's okay.

20. Austin is where I will be running a marathon.  Probably.  

21. I love being outside, but not sleeping outside.  Hotel for me, please.  There are bugs on the ground.

22. I would really like a pre-hensile tail.  Cleaning my house would go a lot more quickly.

23. The last time I RFF'd I was being elusive about something.  Now I live here.

24. I wear headphones or ear plugs always when I swim.  It's how I stopped getting ear infections every five weeks.

25. I think my work voice and my normal voice are melding.

26. I can't believe I used to have a life where I got my fake nails done every week and didn't know how to cook.

Happy Friday, random friends!  Leave me a random fact about you to brighten my hills-workout not-enough-sleep can't-find-my-hairbrush day.


  1. Hey can you send me your new address, I have a #swim cap (silicon version!) for you!

  2. Earphones have prevented ear infections? hmm, maybe it's time to bust back out my Swim H20 thing.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. #17 kills me. Yes.
    Random: I've never gotten to the end of The Sound of Music.

  5. Do you swim with the waterproof headphones? Which ones?

    I love camping. You are missing out. Someday you will look back on your non-camping days the same way you are now looking back on your once-a-week-nails appointment days.

    I miss you here.

  6. You and I would so match at the pool right now. I have a blue gingerbread house cap and a blue holiday swimsuit with little wreaths and stuff on it.

    The dryness really makes the cold not feel so cold, it's kinda awesome!!!

    And yes, winds in the west are really pretty amazing. Riding in Arizona and some parts of California is very similar. I never knew we had so much wind until I started riding my bike. Now it's just part of life...

    Have a great weekend!!!

  7. I am the same way about getting in the pool, finally someone that understands!! I am not about get super grimey for half an hour when it takes longer to get those pool effects off of me. Does that even make sense, I don't know ha ha. Walking to the pool, swimming, then showering, walking back...I might as well just run and take shower which is half the time.

  8. Random fact: My 10-year-old just asked me: "Are you and daddy going to do another race, because I want to stay at another hotel." Destination races for the win!

  9. My ear plugs should arrive tomorrow with my obnoxious blue and Orange butterfly swimsuit. I am wicked prone to ear infections too.

    Random fact- I live fulling my bird feeder because I love feeling like I made the birdies smile.

  10. Puppies! I bet you miss them so hard!!
    I love all your crazy Christmas themed pool gear.
    I RFFed this week.

  11. wow that much spinach every day must be fantastic! We can grow it here, and I still can't get my hands on that much.

    and you should be grateful that the lady in the background of that locker room mirror swimsuit shot was wearing pants! Nothing like butt photobombing your post.

  12. I've consumed exactly one banana in my life. One of those small apple-banana dealies that they have in Hawaii. Otherwise I'm unable to stand the smell of regular Cavendish bananas. As a baby bananas were the only food I ever spit out every time my mom tried to feed it to me. I can sniff them out in smoothies and breads and just can't eat them. Shame really because they're so much easier to deal with than most other fruit.

    I look forward to the Cavendish banana being wiped out by Panama disease (or it's successor) the same way that the Gros Michel variety was in the 50's. Maybe the next variety (Goldfinger?) will be palatable to me.

  13. 45 degrees is a lot warmer when there's a burrito warming your badonk.

    Random: no two clocks in my house are set to the same time.

  14. Nawww who needs to match! It's been over 7 years for me and I'm still wearing the cycling hand me downs someone gave me that was just about to quit cycling right when I was starting and none of it matches!!

  15. A tail for house cleaning! LOL! Brilliant!

    Random fact: I have never worn a swim cap in my life.

  16. Absolutely love all your Christmas swim gear and am slightly jealous of your spinach consumption. Good on ya. Also, congrats on the big move and all the exciting changes coming your way.

    Random fact(s): Lately I can’t get enough of songs with ukulele in them. Also, in regards to #20 ~ I might run my first (stand-alone) marathon in 2013 too. It scares me more than Ironman ever did.

  17. "10. I haven't cooked a pizza at altitude yet. I have no idea how to make crust happen." <-- that NEVER happened for me. Ever. There are all kinds of online forums & suggestions and I wanted to be like, "Do you really LIVE here? Do you see how this turns out?!" Ugh, altitude.

    Yay, puppies!

  18. i am on the injured list and am not adjusting well AT ALL to not running. this fact will def not brighten your day, but maybe it will make you happy thinking that you can go out and run while i sit around, slowing becoming more sloth-like with each passing day. it's a miracle i was even able to type this, i feel so lazy.

  19. I can't even fathom how to comment on all this awesomeness. No matching attire, keep it real! Hahahaha! I'm really impressed with how brave you are, taking on so much at once (new state, new work, being away from your husband and dogs, etc). You are awesome chickadee!

  20. Um A-where do you find all these cute caps and suites? B- I used to wear fake nails too. Weird!

  21. Jealous of your swim fun holiday gear. That is a lot of yardage in my book! I would be in the pool all day.

    Random Fact: I am totally addicted to Criminal Minds and have many past seasons to catch up on.

  22. I cannot decide on an iPhone case either. So difficult. I'm hoping someone gets me one for Christmas so I don't actually have to choose.

  23. I used to hate beans and now I need to have them in almost everything! This summer & fall, my signature meal was chicken breast with black beans and whole wheat pasta. Felt great, was never hungry and weight dropped off like you wouldn't believe.

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  25. You got fake nails every week?!?! Who the eff were you? So. Weird. (I'm girly as shit and I can't stand those things.)

    I also love a hotel. Eff that ground, tent sleeping crap. Evolution people.

    P.S. Miss your face!!!!

  26. I am lazy so I will ask when is the Austin Marathon b/c maybe I can get down there and cheer my face off for you.

  27. I have a penguin humidifier for the same reason. It comes out of his beak.

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