a year in photos

I believe that I stole this idea from Liz two years ago, and I enjoyed the recap last year as well.  Here you have it, friends and snarkers, 2012 in photos.

I tear my calf by being stupid in beautiful new shoes.

To add to the confusion, I run a half marathon at MAF.

I visit (and fall in love with) Colorado and then get laid off.

I curse my way through my last IM training block.


Graham comes home and I return to my usual schtick of complaining about running.

I start a new job and struggle with returning to training.

I cross the finish line with my puppies, all of us happy and healthy.

I quit my job, celebrate a lot of birthdays, and we decide to move to Colorado.

I spend three days in a car with three of the greatest friends I will ever have.

I fly home, pack everything, and we drive back out. And last night we landed in our new home.

I like the practice of wrapping up a year in photos instead of words.  My year has already been laid out in words, archived on the internet forever, and I don't feel the need to repeat myself.  But I always enjoy putting this post together, because it's a time where I can sit and reflect on what stands out from the last 12 months.  And all I really have to say, is that it's been one hell of a year.


  1. Your year has been so full of ups and downs but it looks like you've all landed on your feet in Colorado! Here's to 2013!!

  2. I love these types of recaps, especially since I started reading your blog late in year!

  3. Wow, what a whirlwind year for you! So glad you and your pups are healthy again. Cheers to an exciting 2013 for you in your new home, filled with all sorts of new adventures :)

  4. Such an insane, but amazing year! I'm so happy for you that you've been able to find an awesome new job that you are passionate about, I'm struggling with finding some direction and would love to hear your process, off the blog! Best of luck getting settled into the new state and awesome new city, I hope we can meet up when I'm in your hood in March! Cheers & happy (almost) new year :)

  5. Neat idea! That calf tear looks wicked!

  6. YOU had a pretty great year - not without some tears and ups and downs - but it's ended on a high note with a new (awesome) job, new (awesome state), and new (really awesome) house with a yard and a fence and a view of the mountains. You and Thom and the three puppies are going to build such a great life out there. I loved being part of your year - our training weekends and cupcake binges were definitely a highlight of my year. MISS YOU!

  7. Poor, poor pup :( That pic just about broke my heart. I think 2013 is going to be your best year yet...in so many ways. I can feel it. I'm not just bullshitting. Really.

  8. Love the pics and the daily dose of puppy awesome on twitter. Have some family and friends in CO and they love it! Enjoy! :)

  9. I like this post a lot. Love that last picture with the three dogs at your door. Enjoy your new home.

  10. Lots of ups and down but nonetheless an epic, amazing year! I hope you enjoyed the holidays & I'm very glad we got the chance to meet in person this year! It has been fun following your journey online as well :)

  11. wow! you've certainly had quite a year!! I hope you are loving Colorado!!

  12. It really has been a hell of a year. Seeing those pictures of Graham sick and recovering, wow. And now, the picture of a healthy hound!

  13. What a year! So happy Graham is healthy… love that pic of all of you crossing the finish line :)

    Great post… think I may have to do a photo recap of my year, too!

  14. Poor little Graham, such a scary time. Soooo glad he is 100% again!

    Also? Ugh, I had forgotten about your calf. Those pictures are scary!

    You had an incredible 2012 - can't wait to see what you accomplish in 2013!!!


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