three late things thursday

1. In case you missed it, I'm back in DC.  As well as being reunited with my pups, I've been reunited with my scale.  I'm hoping it's just pissed off because I was gone for a month and that the numbers will calm down in a few days, although that isn't likely based on my "one last X" social calendar between now and December 21st.  Also, I've now cooked this twice in three days:
It's pizza.  I promise.  And it might be one of the best goddamn pizzas I've ever made.  Plus someone left a bunch of delicious beer in my fridge, and I really want one more Baked & Wired cupcake before I move away and the little sliders at Matchbox and, oh, hell.  I'll worry about the scale in January with everyone else.  I can still squeak my jeans on and nothing is falling out of my sports bras so I don't think it's that much of a problem anyway.

2. I've REALLY missed these guys, and have spent the better part of three work days with them laying on my legs or my feet or in my lap.

I wasn't sure if their brains were big enough to miss me while I was gone but they are definitely extremely happy that I am here now.

3. Since I've been back in DC, I've been fortunate enough to hang out with plenty of friends and the question that I've been asked a dozen times is, do you think you made the right decision to move?  And I can say, without question, absolutely, positively, yes.  I loved my time living all over and around the metro DC area, but I've also been long overdue for a departure.  I hope I will still say this in coming months and years, but this was so much the right decision for me, for us, for my family.  I can't really even put my finger on exactly what it is about Boulder that I love, but maybe that's how being happy goes.  You just are.  And I - we - just are.  I am really looking forward to spending times with friends and loved one over the next few weeks - especially this weekend in preparation for the worst hangover of my life - but I'm also ready for The Longest Move Ever to be over.  For us to live there, to do boring suburban things, to ride my bicycle at lunch and cook lasagna for the poet and buy more dog food on Saturdays.  I'm ready for that life.  I am ready.


  1. "...That's how being happy goes. You just are.

    Brilliant. So glad to see this! You deserve all the happiness you can hold!!!

  2. So glad you are happy with the move and back with the pups! Can't wait to meet you this weekend--funny we are meeting now that you live elsewhere!

  3. I am thrilled that you are thrilled and know that the Poet and the Puppies will be thrilled to be living in's that for Three Thrilled Things Thursday?

  4. That pizza looks incredible!!
    Of course your puppies missed you. I mean, it's you!
    I love that you love your life. I'm sad we never got to have puppy playdates or swim dates but I'm ridiculously excited for your new life in CO.

  5. Enjoy every calorie of your "last meal" at every one of your favorite places. I did this in San Diego before I left for my long term travel of an undetermined amount of time since I wasn't sure I'd be back to SD and I definitely gained a few pounds but I just HAD to have one last meal at every one of my favorite places (and with every one of my friends)...and I have quite a few.

  6. How exactly is a rainbow made? How exactly does the sun set? How exactly does a positrack rear end on a Plymouth work? It just does!! Glad you are happy!

  7. That fig pizza looks just outstanding.
    Happiness, I'll drink to that!


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