random friday facts

1. I hate having bare feet on a cold floor, but I never wear slippers.

2. My back still falls out of alignment quite often, especially when I sit for long periods of time.

3. I love my dogs, a lot, more than most people, but I still hate it when they lick me.

4. I'm a little obsessed with making sure I get enough protein and iron every day, especially when I leave my vitamins in another state.

5. I don't like mushrooms.

6. I am finally getting a new dishwasher.

7. Someone just taught me to cough into my elbow.  Skipping kindergarden never pays off.

8. I have a weird and very serious fear of going to master's swim.  I know it's ridiculous.

9.  I only brought about six changes of clothes back to DC with me.  I miss my clothes.

10. Sometimes I feel like I don't deserve friends as awesome as the ones I have.

11. We brush our dog's teeth.

12. And when I say, "we," I obviously don't mean "me."

13. We still ended up packing a medium-sized box full of booze.  Stupid party.

14. I would love to find the perfect pair of jeans.  The only pair I own is just a hair too short.

15. I'm so glad the days start getting longer again now.  

16. I didn't meant to offend anyone on Wednesday.  The thing that offended me most was news outlets tweeting, "I'll donate $1 for every RT I get!"  Just donate and stop being assholes.  Please.

17. Oh, and that "blogger day of silence" GIF I saw somewhere covered in Christmas lights and dogs and crosses and angels.

18. We close on our house today, and I really wish they'd give us one of the enormous checks like when you win the lottery.  Although I have no idea where we'd put it.

19. The next seven days are going to be spent mainly inside a VW GTI.  Two people and three dogs in a very small space.  Wish us luck, and I'll drop in with some updates if I survive.  

Happy Holidays, my snarky friends!


  1. I need you to tell me how to get my back in alignment. Major issues over here.

    Welcome back to CO (well, almost)

  2. I agree finding the perfect jeans suckkkksssssss. I think I may have found the perfect pair at H&M and my backup is Old Navy (they make me feel petite.)

    I haven't gone to masters swim ever. Partly because I am scared but the other reason is because I only do sprint triathlons so swimming for an hour or more seems counterproductive. Good luck to you on that one. Let us know how it goes.

  3. Good luck getting back to CO and have a great holiday!

  4. Good luck in your drive to CO! Don't be afraid of masters swim...everyone is there for a different reason, but almost always because swimming is in some way important to them or what they do. As a masters swimmer myself, they are (typically) always supportive and fun!

  5. I love master's swim but the reason I don't go is because it's pricey, around here anyway and there usually a ridiculously long waiting list... :-(

  6. Safe travels.

    PS: I'll eat your mushrooms and if that box of booze needs a home - I know a guy...

  7. My vet once suggested I brush Bea's teeth. hahaha. Like that would be possible.

  8. Have a sane and safe drive. I don't like mushrooms either, and I'm kind of scared of a masters swim program too (but my fears are price, and finding one close enough and late enough - not at 5am- that I'll go). I could use a kick in the ass otherwise. :)

  9. Safe travels! Hope you're feeling better and the dogs handle the drive well. Hopefully none of your puppies like to poop in vehicles or anything!
    I have a weird fear of going to swim laps in a pool... I've done it a number of times now (though mostly at my outdoor pool in the summer where I felt more comfortable). I fear I would get laughed out of the pool if I tried to swim at a master's swim.

    Merry Christmas!

  10. Wes kept asking for a giant check too! But we were giving ours away.

  11. I need to do better at eating more protein and especially more iron. Congrats on closing on your house. That is such an awesome feeling. And yeah, they totally should give you a huge check, with photographers and a big crowd...the whole bit. Ha!

  12. Finding the right jeans is the bane of my existence. When I find ones that fit, I buy many pairs to last me as long as I can before I have to do it again. Usually by that point, everyone has changed their sizing and nothing fits me anymore. Ugh.

    Have a safe drive!!!

    PS Masters swim is fun!

  13. Masters swim terrifies me, too, which is why I haven't signed up… yet. And, my dog would never ever let me brush her teeth!

    Merriest Christmas!


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