a year in races

This is always one of my favorite recaps to write.  
My year started off by running - and just barely PRing - a four miler on New Year's Eve with an awesome group of girls.  This is still one of my favorite races from 2012.
After that race, I hunkered down for quite a few months into training, emerging untapered and with a still-healing calf in March to match my half marathon PR and cheer the poet onto a big marathon PR.
April brought my first 10 miler - another fake PR run at MAF - my very first swim meet, and the first sprint triathlon I had done since my very first.  I learned that I had completely forgotten how to hurt on the run (and writing this now, I realize that I still haven't remembered).
May was less fun as I kicked it off by puking my way through 70.3 miles.  But later the month brought a confidence-building century and easy-paced open water 5K swim to kick off an awesome training weekend with friends.  I still have no idea how there are zero pictures from that weekend.
June was all about ironman.  I swam, I biked, I ran, and I finished the day happy.
July brought another swim meet and August had me jumping into a sprint, where I finished both on the podium and by qualifying for AG Nationals as I raced alongside the poet, who was completing his first-ever triathlon (welcome to the dark side).  
I was pretty cranky about training the rest of the month, but somehow magically managed to pull a decent day square out of my ass at my September 70.3, PRing each leg for a significant overall PR.
Looking back, I pretty much shut down after that race.  Life stress ramped up in a dozen different ways and training took a backseat to all of it.   I was completely unprepared to jump into a 5K but did so anyway, and then managed to get two legs into another 70.3 before I decided not to barf my way through another half marathon.
I realized that mentally, I was done at that point in the year and spent some time in deep rest.  I ran a 10K watchless and completely for fun with a friend in November, and then alternated getting sick and driving across the country for the rest of the year.
I learned a lot about racing this year, about training and scheduling and balancing it against life.  After ironman I was done.  My season was over, and by forcing myself back into training all I did was make my fall full of crabby training sessions which turned into half-assed attempts at racing.  This year I hope to plan better, race smarter, and realize when it's time to shut things down for a little while.
How were your races in 2012?  What does 2013 look like for you?


  1. I know we all look for ass in your photos, but one of the first things I look for are the Dorothy Cycling Shoes. They mesmerize me every time you post a picture of yourself in them.

    Happy New Year my friend!

  2. Love all the pics! Happy New Year. Cheers to 2013!!

  3. I think it was a great year for you overall. And no injuries--yahoo! Good luck in 2013 making good on all that you learned in 2012.

  4. you became an ironman this year. There is no need to focus on anything else. Ironman was great so you had a great year.

  5. Truly, it wouldn't be a year without ups and downs and repeated lessons, right? I had a year that sounded surprisingly similar but without as much racing or training :P I did win a race though! And yes, there were more people there than just me :)

    Happy New Year to you! Enjoy your new place and new headspace :)

  6. Reading your post made me realize I have been following your blog for quite some time! I am so excited for your entire race season-I think it was pretty successful if you ask me.

  7. Nice recap. I think I too hopped back into it too soon after IM NYC and was just a sleepy mess all through the fall. Hopefully I'll learn better this time around!

    PS. I am ALL for a training bike trip in Boulder!

  8. So inspiring!! I totally would crap out after the Ironman. Isn't that half the point?? Bet your 2013 will be inspired with your new surroundings!!
    Trying to fit a half-ironman into this year or next, but haven't signed up for one yet! Any faves?

  9. A great year for you - happy new year!!!

  10. The Ironman alone makes 2012 awesome for you. The rest was just icing.
    I currently have nothing planned for 2013 but I also currently have several windows open looking into spring half marathons. I may also do a tri again.

  11. I only did two and they both sucked! I'm done with Spring races now, they're too damn hot for me. I need to find a winter or autumn marathon with no fucking heatwave!

  12. This post and all your expressions crack me up, have I ever told you how I sometimes stand in the mirror and try to make a good "expression" face the way you can? I'm serious. I just do not have a good face like you do. Also, I'm so happy that after such an insane year for you that it all ended on such a high note. It feels like you are right where you need to be. Cheers to an amazing 2013 doll!

  13. Awesome recap!! You had a great year with races I can't wait for your 2013 endeavors!

  14. A fantastic year! All the best – in tris and in CO! – in 2013!


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