random friday facts

1. Sitting with my legs crossed hurts my back, but I still can't seem to train myself out of it.

2. Also haven't been able to train myself out of laying in bed for twenty minutes reading email and twitter every morning.

3. Maybe this should be called the "I'm an idiot" version of RFF.

4. I would love to someday have laser hair removal in a lot of places.

5. I only have one scented candle in my house right now.  I'm rationing it out.

6. I never closed my Daily Mile account, but I don't think I've updated it in over two years.

7. I think I had a bit of a breakthrough in the pool yesterday.  Probably because of this situation.
8. I had never seen this picture of myself until my sister sent it to me a few days ago.  
9. I'm running a 5 mile race tomorrow.  I have no idea how fast I can/should/might run and actually have very little interest in racing.  Here's hoping that mojo returns by the spring.  

10. I finally ordered an iPhone case.  You can hate it.
11. I miss the sky in Colorado.
12. Yes, that is a golden retriever lined up with a bunch of sheep butts.

13. I've really not had a lot to say this week.  I'm starting to feel like talking about my training is boring.

14. It's probably always been boring.  

15. I do own a not-hard-on-the-eyes swimsuit.  I bought it on clearance for $7 a few months ago and have worn it once.

16. I left all my vitamins in Colorado.  I'm sure it's fine.

17. I'm worried that my puppies are going to be really confused in our new house.

18. I'm also a little worried that Graham is going to stand up the entire way to Boulder.  He doesn't like the car.

19. I eat a ridiculous amount of spinach in a week.  

20. I really want another puppy.

21. I'm a little grumpy about all the "end of the year" recaps that have started popping up.  We're only just halfway through December, EVERYONE CALM DOWN.

22. I have running socks marked L and R and could never NOT EVER wear them on the wrong foot.

Happy Friday, everyone!  Drop me some random bizarre shit about you.  


  1. It is NOT boring.
    One of our dogs was very confused in our new house. But we gave her things that smelled like us, moved her bed closer to us, etc and she settled down.
    Same said dog doesn't lay down in the car. We drove 2100 miles and had some calming treats for her. They have the same enzyme as turkey. Completely safe. Not sure if they worked, but she did eventually lay down. We also had our vet give us something stronger, but we never used it.

    The Kidless Kronicles

  2. I once passed out in a hallway in a hotel in Vegas and woke up in a room that wasn't mine.

  3. 1. That's the coolest iPhone case ever.
    2. 13/14 probably apply more to my blog than yours.
    3. There are 31 patrons in the Starbucks where I'm currently sitting, and only two of them are women.

  4. OMG so many things to comment on...

    #2 my dogs don't even let me lay in bed for 20 seconds. WALK!
    #4 did it LOVE it. Groupons rock.
    #9 good luck tomorrow!!! should be interesting to see how the first race at altitude feels.

  5. REUNITED!! PUPPIES!! Get another one already, would ya!?

  6. Also, I once stole a wooden duck at a winery in Napa, Duckhorn to be exact. I am a clepto when I drink :) beware :)

  7. I LOVE Hello Kitty! your iphone case = AWESOME

  8. I think you are going to get kidney stones from all that spinach. (Although I am not sure it is scientifically proven and I am too lazy to look it up).

  9. WAHOO spinach and that iphone case is amazing..almost as amazing as the swim cap! LOL.

  10. I'm afraid of going down the down escalator, especially in airports. Once I lost my balance and dropped my wheely suitcase down one, and oh my, yeah. Shoulder bag and stairs, please.

    Can't stop won't stop laughing at that swim cap.

  11. *Uncrosses legs*....

    Here's hoping that puppies create RBCs faster than humans so those little goldens can enjoy running around in the mountain air, ASAP. ;)

  12. 23. Stumbled across your blog recently. You seem pretty rather odd/eccentric/変人. Good fun reading.

  13. 10. Awe. Some.

    I never got around to getting a case for my 5. Last weekend when I jumped in to run with Robert, it hopped out of my jersey and crashed. One teeny nic. Should probably look for a case since I'm pretty sure I've used up my safe drops.

  14. I love that photo of the sheep.

  15. I don't think I've ever commented on your post - just found it recently - but I love the totally random facts. Made me smile!

  16. 1. The day we went in for our wee one's induction, I did planks for 1 minute a piece, many times over to burn off nervous energy.

    2. My daughter crosses her ankles- so dainty, and yet has the strength of a hill-climbing trail runner!

    3. My husband wrote an amazing parody of "American Pie" in honor of the Hostess closing.

    4. It's always best to listen to one's instincts. We're under a winter storm warning in UT til Weds..thank heavens we went to Logan yesterday for goodies!

  17. Who wants a swimsuit that isn't hard on the eyes? I have a few plain black speedo's too, but they are pretty boring.

  18. The spinach has managed to sneak into quite a few of the recent posts. :)

    I do wear my L or R socks on the wrong feet sometimes.

    I only own one one-piece swim suit. The chlorine cleans it every time I swim in it.

  19. I have a daily mile account probably as old as yours but I wouldn't know b/c I don't go there and yet I get friended on daily mile continuously. I guess they aren't really looking for my training if they are still friending somebody with no updates.

    Really love the camera case and wish all my socks had L and R on them.


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