random friday facts

1. I've been using the same bag of frozen broccoli to ice my shins for at least two years now.

2. The only thing I don't like about the pigtails is how hard it is to make the part straight up and over my head.

3. I think it is legitimate to call my love for hoodies an actual addiction.

4. I am horrible about sending mail.

5. I really want to customize a horrendous pair of Special Ops goggles to go along with my ugly/neon/clashing/silly swimming gear.

6. I love how much my dogs love us, even if they are completely insane every time we come home.

7. I am scared a bug will crawl into my mouth while I am sleeping.

8. I think my heart rate strap smells like salt & vinegar potato chips.

9. I can't remember the last time I bought new underwear. 

10. Frozen strawberries are the base of every smoothie I make.

12. After almost two weeks, I found my sunglasses.

13. I haven't watched last night's Grey's Anatomy yet, but someone spoiled it on Twitter.  :(

14. I have to have all the blinds in the house closed or I can't sleep.  What if someone looks in the window??

15. I store Burt's Beeswax chapstick EVERYWHERE.

16. I will not be upset when cash becomes extinct.

17. Something happened yesterday that made me say out loud, to myself like a crazy person, "THIS is the direction I want my life to go."

18. No, I'm not going to tell you what it is.

19. Yet.

20. I have almost decided to run a marathon.  I feel like I've never run one before because of the way I've blacked out the pain of Ironman.  It's not that far, right?

21. I hang up my technical tees, but my nice cotton tops are folded in a drawer.

Happy Friday, friends and haters!  Drop me some random facts about you to cheer me up.


  1. The average person eats 8 spiders while they sleep.

    Every time I read something about "the average person", I wonder who that is & why "the above-average person" never gets a mention, because you'd thing being above-average should get you a mention, because, well, you're above-average.

    I have a fleece pullover/vest/jacket addiction - and a colorful wool sock addiction. This alone is why Summers & I will never be BFFs.

    I gave up Burt's Bees for Nivea when they changed their honey formula to smell like baby powder.

  2. Random stuff:

    Elevators make me uncomfortable. Not afraid, but uncomfortable.

    I just like regular old mint chapstick.

    I hate talking on the phone, especially to call someone for info/delivery food/setting up appointments, etc. Online ordering/appointment setting is awesome.

    I almost always either get sick or hurt my back during race tapers *grrr*

  3. I like the new picture on your banner.

  4. I had one of those this is where I want my life to go moments recently. It's pretty awesome. And I'm almost halfway to my marathon. I'm scared of 18 miles. Do it! It's fun. At least so far.

  5. I used the same frozen bag of "Asian style mixed veggies" for about 3 years to ice my ankles. They finally started to have a weird smell (the veggies, not the ankles), so I threw them out in the middle of this IM training cycle and invested in a real ice pack. It is awesome!

    I don’t really believe in lip balm/chap stick. I think it’s a scam and it just makes your lips more chapped... That said, when I do use it, Burt’s Bees is the only kind I will use.

    Happy Random Friday!

  6. I tap the ground with both hands every time I tie my shoes! Like I'm getting ready to go into the game......

  7. Hmm.... random... Last night I was reading in bed and saw a big fat green gecko on the wall under my lamp staring at me. I just smiled and said hello.

    I wring the sweat of out my socks after every run.

    I eat an apple every day. Sometimes 2 or 3!

    I think the wireless uploading of information to a computer is creepy- like how Garmin transfers the data all by itself or how kindle books just show up on your iPad instantly.

    Ever since I had my daughter I've become a real 'hoarder' of food. Like I now have an instinct to make sure good fresh food is available everywhere at all times. I didn't used to be like that.

    Happy Friday and F the haters. ;)

  8. An open marathon hurts a lot less than the Ironman marathon. At least the first 20 miles... those last 6 are pretty tough but still not as bad as Ironman.



  9. I wish my HR strap smelled like S&V's...my fav bad snack. Sadly, mine stinks really, really, really, bad...

    I swallowed a bug while trail running the other night and I gagged.

    do the marathon

  10. I love random facts! I'd do them again if I wasn't on a blogging hiatus. But here's a few to make up for that fact.
    ~I don't like hoodies or zip ups, I prefer fleece pullovers
    ~I think I'm in danger of using my Newtons' too much too soon because they make me feel OMG FAST! (You may need to beat me over the head to stop this...)
    ~I close my eyes if I even see see a picture of a spider in a book or on TV. Cannot deal w/ them.
    ~I always feel most relaxed when I have a purring kitty sleeping on me. Like right now.
    ~I'm starting yoga again next week after my video gait analysis and learning I have tight hips.

    Meh, that's all ice got right now. Make sure you label that broccoli 'for shin use only'!

  11. Agree with 3 although I am even more addicted to quarter zips. I have some I've never worn!

  12. 14, 15, and 17 - I do the same thing, it's totally normal... right?
    And in regards to the vinegar smell... my neoprene knee braces smelled all the world like movie popcorn.

  13. Yeah guess we need to stay off twitter on nights when our favorite TV shows are on. Same thing happened to me with Greys... Random - I'll buy almost anything if it has s gift with purchase. I might have to start drawing the line at gifts that are those drawstring bags. I have waaay too many of those for a normal person.

  14. Hoodies are the best! I'm looking forward to hoodie season!

  15. It is far and it hurts a lot more than an Ironman run. And you should do one! Shamrock on St. Pattys? Girls weekend?

  16. I'm no expert, but I play one on the blog...marathons aren't quite as painful nor do they seem so far when you *only* run 26.2 miles - without the 114.4 mile warm up!
    Need a pacer? ;0)

  17. "No, I'm not going to tell you what it is."

    Maybe if you get drunk enough in 2 weeks you'll tell me :-P

  18. 1-I was told this weekend that a marathon hurts more than a half ironman.
    2-I too am afraid bugs crawl in my mouth while I sleep.

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