three things thursday

1. Completely ignore what I said yesterday about 2 dogs being a bad idea.  We recently discovered that Molly's sister is up for adoption.
At first it sounded completely insane, but now we're seriously considering this.  Her name is Sofie.  My cranky little three-sizes-too-small heart just breaks at the thought of her needing some love, and the honesty of it is, we're lucky.  We have a home to live in and cars to drive and a basement full of bicycles and while we're pretty focused on paying off those darn student loans right now, we don't want for much and we have love to spare.  And I am grateful every day for all of these things.  So why not?

2. I'm only a couple of weeks into what I would describe as base building/training, but my body is starting to adapt.  I spent all of last week being ridiculously sore, but that has quieted down and now I've moved into the phase where I'm just extra exhausted all the time.  I'm almost too tired to eat, which is the most ridiculous statement that has ever been posted on this blog.  But it's true.  I read somewhere that IM base training is some of the more "boring" training you will ever do in your life, and while I'm not bored at all right now, most of my training is just easy volume, especially on the run.  And it's good.

3. I'm starting to understand why logging your food is a bad idea long-term.  Last night I wanted a (small) bowl of ice cream before bed, and I felt incredibly guilty putting it on my log.  But in reviewing my day, I had a ton of fruits and veggies, enough protein, and had done some calorie-burning TTs in the pool that morning, so there was no reason not to eat it.  It was the definition of "treats in moderation" and I don't think that there was anything wrong with it.  But I still felt guilty about it, which is why I will track my food for this week or so and then stop - I don't want to slide into any obsessive behaviors that have to do with food, especially heading down the road towards ironman where I can't afford to end up in a calorie hole at the end of the day.  

Happy Thursday, everyone!  If you have 3 dogs, please leave a quick note explaining why I am insane, thanks!