three things thursday

1. All of my Christmas swimming stuff showed up!  I'm already pretty excited about being back in the pool (strange, I know) after a few weeks off and a now-quieting-down cranky shoulder, but this puts it over the top.  I think I need a new swim cap to celebrate all major holidays.  It basically looks like Santa threw up all over me.  Who's the cutest??
2. IM-focused training, otherwise known as Project Make My House Short & Fat started on Tuesday.  It's Thursday and I'm still alive, soooooo, so far so good.  But I am pretty sore.  Apparently your muscles don't just keep themselves in shape while you eat and drink and sleep for two weeks.  Lame.  Speaking of eating and drinking and Ironman (see what I did there?), our post-race celebratory meal on Saturday happened to be in the same restaurant as Chris McCormack.  See?  He's right there.  Basically at our table.  He's even posing for the picture!  (click on it to see the really excellent look on his face and/or a really close-up look at Jon's pores).
He busted me staring at him more than a few times but was too shy to come over and say hello.  I can't imagine why.  
I mean, we're all winners today!  Come on now, Macca.  Basically instant BFFs.

3. The poet and I did another round of "puppies are our children" photos a few weeks ago and I love them.  LOVE.  

(photo credits to love life images)
Don't try and tell me I'm some crazy childless weirdo who love my dogs too much.  I already know.

Happy Thursday!