random friday facts

1. I am only able to wipe my nose on my right shoulder when running in cold weather.  If I tried to wipe it on my left shoulder I would probably trip and fall and break my neck.

2. I have been drinking "Sleepytime" tea before bed for the past two months.  It's probably one of those wacky mind games, but I feel like I sleep better after I drink it.

3. I don't wear boots.

4. I had never seen "It's a Wonderful Life" until I met my husband.  We watched it one Christmas as 38 different YouTube videos because we couldn't find it anywhere else online.

5. Anything less than 1500 yards just isn't worth getting my hair wet.

6. When I was a little kid I used to eat dinner a lot with a friend who didn't like carrots and I loved them.  She would pass them to me under the table.  

7. I finally have figured out what to do with my arms in a flip turn.

8. I did not discover until I moved in that my fireplace is bricked over.  So rude.

9. I still don't have a good grasp on the geography in the middle of the country.  Colorado I've got, but all those states to the left are just in a pile, according to me.

10. Salt water tastes disgusting and I'm terrified of jelly fish.  No ocean triathlon for me.

11. I am absolutely refusing to sign up for a single race after CDA until CDA has come and gone.  

12. There is one fancy pillow on our bed.

13. A bat flew into the side of my car in a parking garage this morning.

14. We sold my sexy little convertible last week.  I was sad.

15. When I was a little kid, my parents always made sure that we had a giant pile of presents to open on Christmas morning (even if some of them were turtlenecks and socks).  I still miss waking up to that giant pile.

16. I haven't purchased any new makeup in about two years, which is probably why my mascara makes my eyes itch.

17. I have a pair of fluffy pink slippers...with the Eagles logo on the side.

18. The only jewelry I wear is my rings.

19. I can't buy Christmas presents for anyone until the day before I gift them.  Otherwise I get too excited and just gift them early.

20. I just changed my twitter picture for the first time in almost a year.  Please don't freak out.

Happy Friday, everyone!  Let me know if you RFF'd and I'll link you up!