three puppy tuesday

After we discovered Molly's sister was up for adoption, the poet and I had a lot of Very Serious Conversations about whether or not to bring her home.  2 puppies seems manageable, but 3 is on the verge of completely ridiculous.  The internet people all voted to bring her home, of course, but none of you guys are going to come and pick up her poop or fix the chair she chews up, so that went in with a grain of salt.  We decided that the best thing to do was go and meet her, and let our dogs meet her, and see if it was a good fit.

We all drove down one afternoon this weekend.  When we got there, we left the puppies in the car and went in to meet her ourselves first.  As soon as Sofie came out from the back, I think it was a pretty done deal.  
She was so sweet.  Her personality seems a bit more tempered than Molly, although who knows what will happen when they have time together to plot against us.  Her face looks just like Molly, but she's a little more stout where Molly is longer and leaner.  We brought our two inside after a few minutes to let them all hang out, and they seemed fine, although they were far more interested in the 34832 new smells that exist in a dog grooming location.
The poet and I did the secret eye look thing that married people do (there's a class on it) and decided that yes, it absolutely was the right thing to do to bring her home.  She's getting spayed this week and will stay down there until she has healed, but as of the beginning of January, we're a family of 5.
Molly was completely worn out.  Meeting new family members is an exhausting business.
So, yes, we are completely nuts, and yes, life here will be even more busy, but no, no one is surprised that we decided to bring her home.  Like I said last week, we're lucky.  We have the time and the energy and the space and the love to keep making our four-legged-family larger (although we probably don't have the space to add anymore after this one), and I hope to never take that for granted.