the food log results

Happy Holidays, my blog friends!  I took a few days off from the land of the internet to spend 24 hours in the car time with family and it was quite nice to have a little break.  

I successfully made it to the end of the food log challenge - i.e. I logged every single thing I ate and sent it off to my coach.  But now it's time for the real fun - analysis.  Lots of items of note: I'm not concerned about overall calorie intake against burn for the day.  My weight fluctuated in a 3lb range throughout the time I logged my food, which I believe is perfectly normal.  There were some days when I ate a little too much against what I burned, and there were some days where I didn't do a great job replacing the burn, but over 10 days, it all evened out.  I thought about including my exercise for the day in the log, but since I'm not trying to manage calorie burn or lose weight, I decided not to.  This is more about figuring out what's missing and how I can eat cleaner, which is where you guys and your helpful medical degrees slash internet knowledge come in.  Some other things to note: Everything on the log was cooked in my kitchen with the exception of the burrito, the taco salad, the Wegman's pit stop, the 4 chicken wings and dinner on 12/18.  I was traveling the last three days of the log, so things got a little weird there, but I still managed to mostly avoid restaurant/fast food (although the vegetables became a bit more scarce), which is consistent with my normal eating habits.  I do about 90% of my exercise in the morning, so that's the reason for the double breakfast (usually a protein bar pre-workout and then a protein smoothie post-workout).  I don't sit around and eat Gu for fun, so you can assume those were in longer workouts.  And I think that's about it.  So please, if you're bored at work (and if you're working today, you probably are), take a look through and tell me what I'm missing and what I'm overloaded on.  Otherwise, just enjoy being horrified by my eating habits the week before Christmas and move right along.  

Tuesday 12/13
Flintstones vitamin
1 cherry Larabar
1 PB Gu on trainer
1 bottle of EfS (96 cals) on trainer
Half apple larabar I found in my car
Smoothie (frozen strawberries, yogurt, scoop of protein powder, banana)
1 cup of Cheerios
PB&J on wheat
Colby jack cheese snack stick thing
2 pieces of toffee while making dinner (130?)
Bowl of 3-bean chili, some shredded mozzarella & a few tortilla chips
Cup of hot tea w honey
Wednesday 12/14
Luna protein bar
The other half of that car Larabar
Granola, protein powder, yogurt
Chicken, eggplant, tomato, cucumber, feta in a pita
Honeycrisp apple w PB
1 serving of taco delicious - chicken, green & red peppers, onions, green chiles, salsa, cheese in a tortilla baked in a casserole dish. Some multigrain chips on the side.
A small mug of mint chocolate chip ice cream
Cup of hot tea
Thursday 12/15
Clif bar
Smoothie: 2 bananas, handful of frozen strawberries, yogurt, scoop of protein powder
Cup of tea
Flintstones vitamin
Leftover taco delicious
Honey crisp apple + PB
1 glass of wine!!
Bowl of pasta, red sauce, cheese
Cup of tea
Small mug of ice cream
Friday 12/16
Clif bar
Protein fruit yogurt smoothie
Cup of tea
2 pieces of toffee while potato cooked
Sweet potato w ketchup
A string cheese snack thing
Mint chocolate Gu on trainer
Holiday Party time!
A billion carrots & a few pita chips w cheese
A little scoop of mac & cheese casserole
more carrots and some celery
A bite of Thom's brownie
A teeny bit of ice cream
Saturday 12/17
Clif bar
Gu Roctane 10 mins before race
A gulp of hot chocolate before c/d
A giant cup of grapes
3 GF pancakes w blueberries and whipped cream
Burrito: black beans, corn, salsa, queso, steak
Apple w PB
1 Sierra Nevada porter
Some cinnamon pita chips
Cup of tea
Sunday 12/18
Clif bar
Swig of EFS liquid shot on trainer
Spoonful of PB
Some cinnamon pita chips
Wegman's pit stop: spring roll, sesame chicken, tiny bit of white rice
Sam Adams winter lager
half a spinach strawberry salad
2 pieces of bruschetta
Flintstones vitamin
Piece of toffee
Cup of tea
Monday 12/19
Clif bar
Cup of tea
1 cup of Cheerios
Cinnamon walnut bagel with honey almond spread
Cheese string stick thing
Sausage, chunky vegetable sauce, bowtie pasta
One tiny bite of a cupcake (coconut, ugh)
Some pita chips
Cup of tea
Tuesday 12/20
Luna protein bar
Bottle of EFS on trainer (96)
Gu on trainer
Protein smoothie
Cup of tea
Salami sandwich on whole grain
A couple of cinnamon pita chips
2 very old shot blocks
Honey crisp apple and PB
2 pieces of pizza w green peppers & a breadstick
Cup of tea
Wednesday 12/21
Luna protein bar
Yogurt/protein powder/granola/banana
Giant bowl of strawberries/blueberries
Clif bar
taco salad: lettuce dressing salsa corn steak cheese
3 small pieces of toffee (140)
Licked the beaters!
Baked potato
Some crumbs of a peppermint brownie
Thursday 12/22
Luna bar
Granola/yogurt/protein powder
Some honey wheat pretzels in the car
Luna protein bar
Peppermint brownie (2)
Cheese and a few cashews
Homemade pizza w butternut squash eggplant onions walnuts gorgonzola
Glass of wine
Piece of toffee
Another like ohhhh .3 glass of wine
Friday 12/23
Luna bar
Mint chocolate gu
Muscle milk light + banana
Turkey cheese lettuce tomato on wheat
Some chips
4 chicken wings
A billion baby carrots
Some jalapeño Mac & cheese
2 glasses of wine
Some pepperoni
Some of those peanut butter things
Oh god more wine
Saturday 12/24
Luna protein bar
2 pieces of Amy's pesto pizza
Split a small sugar cookie
Tons of green beans. Red roasted potatoes. Tiny bit of prime rib.
More green beans.
Bite of Thom's cheesecake


  1. I will be really interested in the analysis, since this seems pretty healthy to me, although possibly light given your workout schedule. You drink waaaaaaayyyyyyy less than I do...even more amazing given the season! I think a food log would be disgusted by how much cheese I eat.

  2. I think you ate pretty healthy, especially considering this was leading up to Christmas. I kept a log too. I can type it up and email it to you if you're interested. I learned that I need to eat more fruit and eat more meals that I prepare. I wish I worked from home more often so I wouldn't be tempted to go out and buy lunch so often.

  3. pretty healthy considering the travel and pre-holiday craziness. you seem to not eat too much especially based on your activity. i do notice a lack of greens..... (kale, spinach, collards,swiss chard!great superfood to throw into your smoothies and veggie meals!

  4. How can I be 31 years old and just now hearing about JALAPENO MAC AND CHEESE? WTF?

    Mmm... butterfingers.

    Okay. Yeah, apparently I'm no help with this nutrition stuff.

  5. I think you need to increase your intake of food found on the floor of your car.

  6. Interesting - she didn't have you log amounts? That was the hard part for me when I did mine - had to log exact amounts (cups, tablespoons, etc). As someone who tends to eyeball amounts and do "bowl of this, bowl of that" -- that was the difficulty.

  7. i'm at work and totally bored. how did you know?

    also now i'm hungry.

    your food all looks normal to me. i like your ice cream servings. lol don't be ashamed girl!

  8. I get the majority of my calories from chocolate, cheese and licking the beaters. Maybe increase one or all of these?

  9. So my food log for the past few weeks would be (daily):
    Healthy breakfast
    Healthy lunch
    Healthy snacks
    Decent dinner
    seconds of dinner
    handfuls of chocolate chips
    a couple cookies
    and entire package of graham crackers dipped in frosting

    Every. Damn. Day.

  10. Flintstones vitamin? Love it.

    I tracked my food for a while but got bored with it. I mainly found that I needed to control my portion sizes a bit better so I keep an eye on that now. Now, I mainly only track things if I am having GI issues on the run.

  11. You ate the PB Gu!!!! And your reaction? I see no half drunken youtube video posted, so I am gonna guess not drunken youtube worthy?

    I see NO mention of Avocado! Thats like an entire food group you are missing there. FAIL

  12. I don't see nearly enough ice cream in there.

  13. Brilliant. You should have included the e-mails too.

  14. I'm definitely going to keep my food log using "a billion" and "teeny" to quantify what I eat.

    The question is, what did Sonja say?

  15. nothing on here screams 'stop eating it now'

    I can say that you have the restraint of a superhero. Eating only 1/2 of a LaraBar is incredible. Also, while I know coconut ugh says it all, to have one tiny bite of a cupcake is incredible.

    You seem to balance healthy eating with soothing your sweet tooth without going over the edge.

    Without #'s for amounts of carbs, proteins, fats it is hard to break it down but on the surface this looks very good.


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