only two things thursday

1. After several days of complete rest, I'm 100% sure that I was completely burned out.  The first two days I didn't want to do anything.  I woke up on day 3 wanting to get back in the pool (but I didn't, see: narky shoulder), and after doing a short but hard V02 max run test last night, I'm almost ready to get back on the bike (I know this doesn't make any sense).  I'm going to continue resting and sleeping and eating the good food through the weekend, but I already feel a bit of my mojo creeping back.  I'll ease back into training starting next Tuesday, and I'm almost rested enough to be looking forward to it.  Almost.

2. My 10ish days of complete rest were briefly interrupted last night by a V02 max test (more on this soon) and will again be briefly interrupted this weekend when we return to Key West to defend our triathlon relay title.  Last year I did the swim - my first ever open water swim - and the Mafia musical chairs have put me on the bike leg this year.  I am absolutely refusing to make any goals for the bike other than to enjoy it.  I've done enough 20 mile TTs to know what I should be able to do for a 40K bike leg, but I've been on the bike twice in the past 6 six weeks so I also know that won't happen.  I'm just going to go out hard, try not to get too pissed off at the wind, and be really happy that I'm somewhere cycling in just a tri kit instead of a giant pile of winter layers.  That's it.  No matter what happens, at least we didn't cheat I KNOW we are going to have a blast down there this weekend.  Lots of sunshine, good food, friends, a tiny triathlon and the occasional margarita.  I'm hoping that this finishes recharging my batteries and I return on Monday ready to eat IM training alive.
What are you doing this weekend, friends?