wordless wednesday

Oh God.
What have I done?
Wow, those are, um, really big.
Maybe I do like it after all...
Getting there.

And also, the poet took a video of me running yesterday because he's a giant nerd.  (I know, I know).  I tried to upload it but an hour later I need to get some work done instead of try and figure out what is wrong with Blogger, so, sorry, you're just going to have to wait until tomorrow.  Happy Wednesday!

Update: trying again with the video!
Anyone want to look at my gait?  Just kidding.
And yes, I always have the gym emptied for me to workout.  I'm just that awesome.


  1. 1) Your new shelves look awesome.

    2) The video doesn't show up on your blog, but it came up in google reader. Yay running!!!! You look smooth and completely pain free. Horray!

  2. Gorgeous! It looks great! Seems to need a proper christening, perhaps a glass of wine to toast it will suffice.

  3. I got to see the video too and thought you looked great! And, since it was 20 seconds long, we can infer that this was your personal longest run post-surgery. Great job!

  4. Bad ass! On both counts! Congratulations!

  5. Did you design that set-up?! That looks a-mazing! You can come destruct my house/build it back up any day. ;)

  6. awesome gait girly! looks smooth/relaxed!! and awesome remodeling:)

  7. LOVE the built-ins! Very pretty! And very cool you're running!!!

  8. Wow! The built-ins look great! Did you do those yourself??


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