random friday facts

1. I HATE it when people don't cross the street at a crosswalk.  If you drive with me, the #1 thing you will hear me say is, "That's not a crosswalk!"

2. My iPod shuffle's battery died while I was working out this morning, for the first time in 5 years of having a shuffle.  The charge it grabs while adding/removing music has always been enough.

3. I secretly like to run the vacuum.

4. I can't stand touching raw meat.  Or cold leftovers.  Ugh.

5. I have now tried to cook tempeh three times and not liked it every time.  You win, tempeh.

6. No, I did not build the built-ins.  Y'all must be crazy.

7. I miss choking on the humid 102º air and sweating my ass off at 6:30am, trying to finish my ride before the sun was fully up.  

8. I think I know why people have kids when G snuggles his head deeper into my side while he's sleeping.

9. I'm pretty sure I can point out every spot on the MV trail where I've had a bathroom emergency.

10. No matter how skinny or awesome I feel like my body is, I can never be the girl that walks around the locker room wearing only a towel on her head and nothing else.

11. I got out some Christmas decorations yesterday.  Go ahead and judge.

12. I love having candles burning.  Actually, I love having almost anything burning.  I'm a little pyro.

13. I chewed my fingernails until I was 23 or 24.  I don't remember why I stopped.  My nails used to be really brittle and break all the time but now they are super strong and grow like crazy.

14. I know that what I've run this week is okay, but I'm scared I'll never get any faster and I'll be everyone's slow friend.  I've never been fast, I just like to run long.

15. I listened to "Raise Your Glass" the entire time I was swimming on Wednesday.

16. I would much rather cook that go out.  This is completely the opposite of 2007-me.

17. My hair is really thin and falls out all the time.  I'm worried I'm going to be one of those crazy bald ladies.

18. I am now the person that says, "put on a sweater" instead of turning on the heat.  That person being, my grandmother.

19. I really, really, really, really, really hate Microsoft Excel.

20. I like having secrets but almost can't stand not telling people.

21. I get REALLY MAD when I have the hiccups.


  1. I have a friend who got that follicle transplant surgery. He's really happy with it. AND, he said that all of the female nurses who worked on him had had the surgery too.

    Just saying. :P

  2. I wish I had done the walk around with nothing on when I was 18; then I could have pulled it off. Now, . . . I like my runners legs, but forget it.

    If you ran with me, you would not be the slow friend.

    Snuggling with a kid is awesome. Of course, when your kid is 7 years old and he still climbs into bed with you every morning . . . not awesome.

    Have a great weekend.

  3. I miss those humid as heck rides too.
    I am that chick who runs around naked.
    Now that I am coming off no running for so long, I can't believe how much I used to care about getting (slightly) faster.
    I can't wait til you are ready for the trails! So many beautiful runs to show you!!

  4. Again, we were seperated at birth :O
    I vacum every day, touching raw meat makes me gag, LOVE when Lills cuddles into me, would always rather eat in than out, cannot keep a secret (which I'm sure you already know!) and I too scream with anger when I get the hiccups! Oh, and I hate to sneeze - its that out of control feeling that both give you that drives me NUTS!
    Have a good Friday :) TTYL!

  5. You brought back memories of my neighbor woman when I was a child with your "Only a towel on her head and nothing else" line.

    When I was a child my neighbor girl was my best friend and I spent a lot of time at her house and she'd spend a lot of time at my house. My family was very conservative about how we dressed around the house, plus, my father and brother were always around, so no-one ever walked around nude.

    At my neighbors house it was only my friend and her mother since my friend's parents were divorced. I would sleep over at their house most Saturday nights, and after the mother would shower at the end of the night she would walk around the house with nothing but a towel on her head. My friend and I would be sitting there in the living-room watching a movie or TV show and her mom would walk in totally nude except a towel on her head and ask if we wanted her to make us some popcorn or get us some sodas. That happened many times.

    We also had a lot of the stand around nude in the locker room chatting girls in my high school gym classes. I was nothing like them at the time, but I envied their comfort level with their bodies. I'm happy to say that as an adult I've overcome my shyness, and now I can use the group showers at my gym without embarrassment. It's actually quite liberating to be honest.



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