and I'm back in my cranky mad pants (& weekly wrap)

Saturday night I noticed that when I squatted down to pick up dog toys, some pain shot through my knee - front of knee, a little towards the inside, and kind of 1/2 an inch up the quad.  It only bothered me when I deep squatted, so I figured I must've banged it on the coffee table and forgotten.  Oh, and, P.S. - NOT the knee I just had surgery on.  The "good" one.  Little bastard.

Sunday morning I headed out on a ride with Lauren (an ice-cold comedy of errors, flat tires, and icicles hanging from everything on me that an icicle can hang from) and it hurt for the first few miles, but quickly went away.  The ride was short (15.3 miles), but it bothered me later at the gym when I tried to do lunges and squats.  Since that point, I've been icing it a few times a day & taking Advil by the truckload, plus stretching and foam rolling.  Yesterday I did arms at the gym and swam, so my knee was only being used for walking me around.  Continued icing and adviling, and did a very very modified legs day at the gym this morning - did only the body-weight stuff that caused no pain, not any machines or weights, and did 20 easy minutes on the elliptical.  And it hurts.  It's stiff when I walk up and down stairs, and it says OW when I squat down to pick up things I drop.

So a few things.  After the little bit of running I did last week, I had tight hamstrings, quads, and hip flexors.  I probably did not do a good enough job by far of paying attention to this.  I have a feeling that this plus running outside on Saturday irritated my patella.  (I would love input on this as right now I am using Dr. Internet and Nurse Running Forums to self-diagnose).  In reading about patella irritation, it looks like tight calves and hamstrings plus weak quads can make this happen. I don't have weak quads, I have Phenomenal Cosmic Powers quads, but maybe tight equaled weak for the purposes of this ouchie?  I'm looking for advice here, folks.  And I'm back on the schedule of the Egyptian Magician.

And I'm so angry at my body that I almost can't deal.

Monday: 40 minutes lifting (arms/chest/back), 30 minutes/3.75 miles on elliptical
Tuesday: 50 minutes lifting (legs), 25 minutes/2.3 miles walk/run
Wednesday: 45 minutes lifting (A/C/B), 45 minutes/2300 yard swim, 50 minutes/5 mile pool run
Thursday: 55 minutes lifting (L), 34 minutes/3.3 miles walk/run, 15 minutes/3.5 miles recumbent bike
Friday: 45 minutes lifting (A/C/B), 30 minutes/3.25 miles on elliptical
Saturday: 32 minutes/3.25 miles walk/run
Sunday: 50 minutes lifting (L), 1:00/15.3 miles cycling


  1. That is extremely frustrating. What does Dr. Internet say about remedies and recovery time?

  2. I got that stabby knee pain when I was doing lunges with weights. I took a couple weeks off from the lunging and things have been better. I also take glucosamine condroitin, which I kind of swear by in terms of keeping knee soreness at bay. Don't be too angry--I have a feeling things will come together!

  3. Hang in there Katie. The Egyptian Magician will get you back on track.

    I'm having a tough time myself - I think the most difficult thing for people like us is coming back slowly. We want to push.

    But really, every other day is probably our best bet. And it sucks. But we will get there!

  4. I find that when my knees bother me most lately, it's over tight calves. I have a tendency towards very tight calves, so 2X a week to sleep these (I have two) and while my calves are a little sore the next day, my knee feels significantly better.

    Glad that you are running, but not so happy to hear about all the other pain! Stay healthy Katie!!

  5. oye nothing so frustrating as a bum knee!! I had an issue that sounds like yours, which is more about your knee tracking... so because we run and even bike our leg is always just moving forward and we aren't strenghtening those little muscles around the knee.

    i started doing leg lifts just while brushing my teeth each day and oddly the PT said that was enough...and it was!

  6. Hmmm...I have a feeling it's in your quads and hips. I had the same thing, remember? And I had to start doing more strengthining in my quads and hammy's before it went away.
    Don't be frustrated! You're doing awesome!
    Miss ya!


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