three things thursday

1. I had a fantastically awesome swim last night.  It made up for all the bad swims I've had in the last 3 weeks.  Although my "sprints" were more like "flail awkwardly in the water because I've already swam (swum?) 2600 yards."

2. I went and saw the Egyptian Magician this morning for all my little nigglings.  He gave me one exercise for my tight lat/shoulder thing which I can already tell is going to help, and a small handful of exercises for my knee thing.  He said that my joints are hyper-mobile so I just need to tighten up some of the muscles around my knee so my patella tracks correctly (there is a strong chance that I am not repeating this diagnosis correctly).  The short version is, I am restricted from nothing, I have a few exercises to do, and I only have to go once a week.  SERIOUS PT WIN.  He also didn't give me too much shit about having surgery and seemed glad that the running is going well, and said that I can walk 2 run 4 for up to an hour, and if things keep feeling okay, I can keep increasing.  HOORAY!

3. And on that note....I've needed a rest day for at least a week, but my life has been too much fun and filled with awesome workout dates to have one.  So other than the 10 minutes of running and the 15 minutes of lifting/exercises I did at PT, I am going to take today off and do nothing!  Nothing, do you hear me, legs?  Well - nothing but work through my enormous to-do list.  


  1. Flailing = Swimming in my book~! :)

    Yay for no restrictions! Now go rest! LOL!

    I will miss you while I'm gone!!!

  2. Great stuff! You so made the right move with the surgery!

  3. Yay!!!! katie: 1, Cranky body parts: 0!!!!!!

    am FINALLY getting to do your workout tonight. Can't wait for it to kick my butt!

  4. Awesome! I dish my appointment was as successful, but at least I have a fun experiment over the next few days!


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