three things thursday

1. Okay, I might have overreacted a tiny bit.  There are still some small twinges in my knee, but it's healing.  I think I might have just strained my quad a tiny bit on Saturday.  Whew.  Note to self: calm the eff down.

2. I got a chance to try out my fancy-pants new trainer.  I think I set the resistance too high, because after 30 minutes I was drowning in sweat (normal) and exhausted (not normal).  But it's still so much better than the recumbent bike at the gym.  And SO MUCH BETTER than 44º and super windy. 
Hello, beautiful!

3. I've done a few cooking experiments lately with varying degrees of success.  The spicy Thai tempeh with green beans was meh.  Taste was good, but I think tempeh is not for me.
But the first lasagna of the season was delicious!
The caramelized onions-gorgonzola-arugula flatbread pizza needs a little tweaking - onions overcooked, and not enough arugula.
But the chewy brownies with mini chocolate chips and pink vanilla frosting and sprinkles were amazing (ate them before they could be photographed).  Happy Thursday!


  1. Yum on all that food! Glad you got a good trainer--it does sound like you need to turn down that resistance!

  2. What kind of trainer did you get? Is it super loud? I'm hoping to get one for this winter. Tell me all. :-P

  3. hmmm the trainer is intriguing. I might pop on it and give it a whirl in Dec :) For the very awesome tequila party. (with cupcakes).

  4. I so want a trainer. Do you like yours?


  5. Hooray for overreacting! Glad things are not as bad as you thought. You WILL be back. And soon. I'm run/walking next Sat's 5k so we can um, shuffle.

  6. Glad you are ok afterall and for reals... totally jealous of your trainer!!!

  7. Overreacting is way better than having something wrong! PS. Your quads are not weak :)

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