random friday facts

1. I think I would have really enjoyed being a doctor because of the triage.

2. I really like Sudoku.  I do not like crossword puzzles.

3. One of my favorite things to do is read in bed with something crunchy to eat.

4. Whenever I decide to make a big purchase, I have a last-minute freak-out about spending the money.  

5. I'm having a hard time focusing on anything except how crackly and angry my back feels today.

6. I bake a lot of things, but don't eat very much of what I bake.  That's the poet's job.

7. When I was an undergrad, I started out doing technical support on the Mac side and was incredibly bored.  We got 1-2 calls per day, if any, and fought over them.  I switched to supporting the PC side and was never bored again.

8. I started wearing glasses when I was 5.  My eye doctor switched me to contacts in the third grade because of how quickly my eyesight was disintegrating.

9. I've been working from home for over 2 years now and I still really, really love it.  I feel like I get so much more work done than I ever did in an office.

10. Having the hiccups makes me absolutely lose my mind.

11. I find people's passwords really fascinating.  It's a good look at what's really important.

12. I just made beer bread.

13. I didn't start watching Grey's Anatomy until season 4 and now I'm obsessed.

14. I wish I liked more vegetables.  I'm working on it.

15. I read somewhere yesterday that DC has only had 2 days of sunshine this month.  I hope October turns that around.

16. Whenever I see a random runner, I always look at their gait.

17. I don't think I've ever had macaroni and cheese from a box.

Happy Friday, everyone!  Let me know if you RFF'd today!


  1. How this: I've never had macaroni and cheese.....EVER!

    Karen and I are big Grey's watchers regardless of how horrible the show is. How unrealistic it is but cannot stop watching it.

  2. No mac and cheese from a box?!? What a deprived childhood!! And adulthood, for that matter.

    Do people really put important words (names, places, etc) for passwords? Mine are always like "chapstick2worms" or some nonsense that means absolutely nothing to me. PS. That is not actually my password.

  3. Grey's Anatomy is so good. Although I watched project runway lastnight instead. Tonight that's what I'm watching though. I use the same password for almost everything. And I RFF today :)

  4. I loathe mac and cheese from a box. WHY WOULD ANYONE EAT THAT CRAP? My mom makes a killer homemade casserole version, with grated onion, Worcestershire, a white sauce as the base, plus breadcrumbs. Yep, spoiled for life.

    I am a crossword girl. No interest in SuDorko, as Hubz and I call it. :)

    I am also blind as a bat. I think I was the first person in my school to get contacts (my dad's cousin was an optometrist). I actually have zero interest in laser eye surgery because I'd miss the whole contacts routine. Well, a little.

  5. #2: Yes

    #4: Do you own a house? And how did that go?

    #9: Jealous

    #16: Fetish?

    #17: Seriously? WTF is wrong with you? ;)

  6. To truly enjoy mac and cheese from a box, you have to camping. I too examine the gaits of others. I wonder what I look like???

    I RFF'd.

  7. confession: ive never seen Greys. ever.

    and i loooove mac and cheese from a box- especially annie's white cheddar!

  8. The main part of my password is the character I played as in MarioKart. I think that tells you I'm a nerd.
    Hope your back eases up on you this weekend.

  9. I like Sudoku and crosswords and haven't done either in a while. Good idea for tomorrow when it is raining and I don't want to get off the couch post-long run. :)

  10. I feel shame after reading these posts and admitting to loving mac and cheese (but only Annies - bright orange cheese scares me).

    I have no idea what RFF means :)

  11. I always look at random runners' gaits (and shoes)!

  12. I don't know how you can do #6. You must have amazing will power.
    As a computer owner I switched to PC once and then went back to Mac, I will never do that again. Viruses.......not so much. Hard to believe the Mac and cheese fact.

  13. I want some of your beer bread yess! I always look at random runners too. I always get secretly jealous of their lives. True life.

  14. Heather @ Dietitian on the RunSeptember 24, 2011 at 8:01 AM

    #10 omg YES. It is beyond frustrating and makes no sense!
    #17 I really wish I could say the same. Now that I know, I'm so disappointed in the box.

  15. As always, love the interesting facts. i didnt know you worked from home! Awesome!

  16. Soduku for the win!!! GAH you need to have mac and cheese RIGHT NOW <3

  17. No blue box special??? I couldn't have made it through early adulthood without it! Then I discovered it had something like 1200 calories in a box. Especially when you add chopped up hot dogs to it.
    What's your favorite thing to bake?? Last weekend I baked chocolate-chip-oreo-cookie-fudge-brownie brownies. Calorie bomb.
    Beer bread sounds awfully good.
    I agree with #10 - hiccups are TERRIBLE.


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