random friday facts: autumn edition

1. I do not like pumpkin.  Although I had pumpkin ravioli once that was excellent.

2. Halloween costumes that I remember from being a kid: a witch, a clown, Frankenstein.

3. My toes got cold on my ride yesterday.  It's shoe-cover weather!

4. The fall-themed scented candles are some of my favorites.

5. I've been drinking porter all summer, but now some of the great ones are starting to dribble into the beer cave.  Hello, pumpkin porter, my lover, won't you come and lay down by my side?

6. This time last year I had a total meltdown and scheduled surgery.  A year later, I'm about to run a half marathon, my favorite distance, in my city, in perfect weather.  I'm not racing it and I don't care.  I feel blessed to have the strength and ability to cover the distance.

7. The red delicious apples used to be my favorite, but the honey crisp apples are making a strong play.

8. I really want to take the puppies hiking somewhere.

9. I love having windows open during the day, but I could never sleep with them open.

10. I don't like wearing hats.  I run all winter in an ear warmer instead of a hat.

11. I really hate it when a loud noise scares the crap out of me. 

12. Most of my favorite things about fall have to do with food.

13. Football is hands-down my favorite sport to watch.

14. When I woke up this morning, for the first time in months, the house was colder than the "set" temperature.

15. Decaf Earl Gray is my autumn morning hot tea of choice.

16. People are talking about gloves and arm-warmers and capris for the race this weekend.  Are you crazy?  I'd run naked if they would let me, just for the chance to feel cold again while running.

17. I like the idea of apple cider better than the taste.

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  1. #1 and #5 are contradictory aren't they?

    I love having the windows open. Fresh air is under-rated.

    Try Pink Lady apples. My absolute favorite. Hands down!

  2. Apple Cinder fresh from a farm is sooo good!

    I'm with you.. pumkin is gross, but pumkin seeds are good.

  3. Pumpkin Ravioli! Time for us to plan a date at Evening Star Cafe!


  4. For me, Egremont Russet apples all the way. Stay local!

  5. Not sure if we can be friends now that I know you don't like pumpkin. And the fact that you do like Earl Grey is bothersome. . . . BUT-- I still wish you well on your half marathon this weekend!

  6. OK, wait - but you like pumpkin porter?

  7. Good luck this weekend! Football is also my favorite sport to watch - looking forward to Skins v. Eagles. Viewing party?

    I posted RFF today.

  8. Does this mean lots of fall pumpkin beer drinking? I'm in!

  9. Weird coincidence that I talked about Earl Grey today too! Must be in the air.

    Pumpkin ravioli rawks.

    And Macoun apples make excellent pie & crisps

  10. #1: I am sending you a recipe for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. You can thank me in advance.

    #5 Have you tried DogFishHead's Punkin Ale? mmmmmm

  11. I don't like pumpkin either. But I'm always looking for recipes to try. And then remember I don't like pumpkin. Happens every fall.

  12. No, tell everyone NO arm warmers or anything they don't want to throw away. I got hot fast during a 3-mile tempo. Brett took his shirt off. You will warm up! Also Kirsten is right, the pumpkin ravioli at Evening Star is delicious. It sounds to me like you sure do like pumpkin flavor. Have you had pumpkin cookies? They are awezing.

  13. Try adding some whiskey or bourbon to that cider...

    Good luck this weekend!

  14. I saw a woman running with her dog yesterday decked out like it was winter. I checked the outside temp and my car said it was 53. 53!!!!! That is the PERFECT short running weather! WTF?!?!? I'm still a thin-blooded Floridian and even I know that, that is the perfect weather. Actually now I'm more of the 40* is perfect but any way...

    Dress for success this weekend girl!

    Total PTSD flashback when you mentioned scheduling that surgery! You've come a long way in that year!

    I love pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING.

    I almost had a meltdown last night when I realized that this weather is probably here to stay. Cruel, cruel mother nature why must you take away my sun and warmth?!?!?!??!?!

  15. morgan is always talking about apple cider in the fall cause she's from michigan and i can honestly say i've never had it. fl is dumb in the fall.

  16. #6 is the BEST! How can you not like pumpkin? Oh, you do in beer...your priorities are in order!

  17. Gotta love me some HONEYCRISP!! Haven't seen any around here yet. What up with that?

  18. Hmm, #5 seems to conflict with #1. Also, you've never had one of my pumpkin cupcakes. Change your life and change your mind.

    Try Piñata apples;they are divine.

    Have a GREAT training run half marathon!!!

  19. Strongly disagree with #1. I'd say pumpkin anything rocks my world. It may even be better than chocolate.
    Being cold is MUCH better than being hot especially while running!


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