august: my training turned on its head

So, taking a look back...

August Goals
Keep riding those ridiculous hills.  Check - and I added a mountain!
Don't panic about running.  Easy and long is better than speed work.  With the occasional twinge, running is actually going quite well.
Maybe do some actual reading about HR training instead of just making it up along the way.  Or hire a coach so I don't have to read....
A haircut would be nice.  I cut my own hair since I couldn't find time for an appointment.
Figure out race day clothes and actually train in them before race day. Ummm...good thing I still have another month until race day.
DO NOT BUY A NEW BIKE.  No matter how shiny.  Check!  

August was actually pretty solid.  I ran more miles than I've run since February, and I swam more yards than....since I've been recording, so at least a year and a half.  And with the exception of my naggy shin, my body is actually cooperating.  I feel like I turned a corner with my back injury in the first week or so of August, and while I'm still making sure to give it lots of attention so it doesn't get cranky, it's improved so much over the past month that there are times when I actually forget about it.  I also graduated from PT this month, which is pretty big, as I've been in PT on and off for over a year now.  A lot of time and energy has been focused on the run this month.  My long run has been very slowly creeping up, and I'm glad I decided a while back that Philly would be a training run, not a race.  I'll finish, but I'll run it carefully and slowly and am not planning on trying to PR.  But my PR is pretty crappy, so we'll see how that goes.  

I was pretty sad to take Reston off my schedule, but spent the day instead climbing a gorgeous mountain.  Cycling this month has been largely focused on technique, particularly as related to climbing, so while I haven't spent a lot of time on the bike, I'm trying to trust in the training that all of the concentrated work will make me stronger.  And I haven't been a swimmer long enough to be able to figure out if I'm actually improving in the pool or not, but I spent more time there this month than I ever have, so I'm probably not getting worse.  Looking back at where I was on August 1 - I felt like I was in fantastic base shape, and I still feel like that was true.  But this month has felt a lot like break everything down into little pieces, and the only way I can wrap my mind around that is to just approach my training day by day.  I'm hoping that September brings a lot of "putting the pieces back together."  

As for the rest of my life, I feel like I can't remember anything that isn't related to training that went on in August.  The poet's marathon training is in full swing, and our house looks - and smells - like a gear closet most of the time.  There were some nice nights eating dinner outside with friends, and dog park trips, and one fabulously relaxing weekend in particular, but for the most part, we're both constantly sweating or showering or eating or doing laundry or eating some more or complaining about our various aches and pains.  I'm still pretty glad we got married.  

September is going to be another very methodical month, but looking at my training schedule, I think it's going to fly by pretty quickly.  Two weekends at Skyline, the half marathon, and then it's taper time to Poconos.  I've already got some goals floating around in my head for what I think I can do at Poconos.  Originally I was hoping to PR the bike split pretty seriously, but that's before I realized that the Kinetic course had 8 feet of climbing and the Poconos course has 3900 feet of climbing.  But I've got other goals in mind, particularly as related to the amount of time I will or will not spend in a porta-potty on the run course.  I'm learning that PRs in triathlon are completely different than running PRs.  Courses are wildly different, especially on the bike, and if I just wanted to finish a 70.3 faster, than I should pick the flattest one I can find.  But instead I want to get stronger, and that's why I picked one in the mountains.  I'll be stronger now and I'll be stronger next June, and that means a lot more than the time on the clock at the end of the day.  

Miles Run: 68
Vertical feet climbed: 15179
Beers consumed: 15179
Nights spent sleeping in compression: 17
New bathing suits: 2
New bathing suits in which my boob does not pop out when I sprint: 1
Saddle sores sliced open by evil dermatologist: 1
6lb cupcakes eaten: 1
Maximum frozen yogurt visits in one week: 5 

September Goals
Don't get angry at the HR monitor.  It's your stupid heart.
Figure out race day clothes and train in them before race day.  I MEAN IT THIS TIME.
Put some green stuff in the recovery smoothie.
Make Molly "Happy Birthday" pupcakes.
Do the core work on the day it is actually scheduled.
Start taking pictures again!  Your cell phone is not a nice camera.  

What are your goals for September?

Also, no RFF for me today, but I'll link you if you put some up, just drop me a note in the comments...  Happy Friday, everyone!

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  1. A good carpenter doesn't blame his tools so this one should be easy for you to accomplish:
    Don't get angry at the HR monitor. It's your stupid heart.

    Yes, throw in a 1/2c of spinach into your smoothie or make an avocado smoothie (they are awesome.)

    And I did a RFF for you this week..

  2. So happy I have good vision or there's no way I could have read that tiny print! I'm pretty sure this is my favorite month since you started posting recaps (or since I started reading your blog - I don't know which came first). I can't wait for Poconos!

  3. My car smells like a gym locker . . .

    I did an RFF as well.

  4. I still think that somehow or another you are going to end up with a new bike! Espically since the sales are coming up on the 2011 models.

    And my whole house looks like a kids room with smelly gym clothes all over the place.

    I also did RFF today :)

  5. I didn't know the poet started blogging! You really are an enabler.

  6. What the fuck is this coherent shit? It's random Friday, you... (and here I wanted to call you a stupid c-word, but I just can't bring myself to do it).

  7. Congrats on graduating from PT! As a PT freshman right now, I am looking up to you!

    Let's all raise our glasses to a healthy and productive September!

  8. Wohoo, done with PT, hope I can say that some time soon! Good luck with your training!

  9. Congrats on graduating PT!

    Keep up the great work!

    And you already commented on my RFF. or RFS, as the case may be...

  10. You're finally done with PT! That's fantastic. Sounds like the training is really off to a great start for you.

  11. So glad to hear that August was a solid training month and that you are leaving PT behind! I'll be interested to hear about how things come together in September (right in time for Poconos). I'm glad you like climbing - 3900 feet sounds like a lot (especially when compared to 8)!

    I did RFF today. :)

  12. Sounds like you had a pretty good month overall! New bike envy is a bitch. I get it all the time.

    September is here and it is wonderful so far. I've got a half ironman coming up next weekend but that's really the only goal for september.

    Enjoy the holiday!

  13. Great month! You really are kicking ass, I get tired just reading about all the hard work you're putting in. And RFF is up.

  14. Stronger is better than faster!

  15. Easy and long is better than speedwork? Perfect because that is what I have been doing. I am very jealous of your frozen yogurt visits!

  16. Pupcakes. Possibly the bestest made-up word EVER.

  17. Sounds like you had a fantastic month! Exciting stuff.
    Sept for me means Parks Half Marathon along with more marathon training. MCM here I come!


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