three things thursday

1. Hi y'all!  First of all, the blog.  If you added the new address ( to your RSS/Google reader yesterday, you WILL get an error saying nothing exists there.  That's because the blog is still here, at blogspot.  (Pause for everyone to say, "OoOOOHHHH!")  So you'll have 2 RTAD links in your reader for the next week or so until I get it moved, and then I'll let you know when you can remove the link from your reader.  Sound good?  Okay, good.  For now, keep both, because I'm going to Boston (!!!!) this weekend and I'm not entirely sure when I'll get around to moving it, but I want to make sure I don't lose anyone in the process!  Stay with me, friends!

2. Injury update.  Still unable to run, but making progress and things are healing.  The current troublemaker is the glute med, which apparently hasn't been working for quite some time now.  So I'm working on strengthening that, along with my glutes and my core and my everything else that has been a pain in the (actual) butt.  I do feel like things are healing, I'm just not ready to be running yet.  Hopefully I'll be able to run at least once before my 70.3 or it might be a serious race of swim-T1-bike-T2-walk.  I've never walked 13.1 miles but I feel like it would not be the most fun thing ever but I'll do it because it's better than a DNF.  I'm signed up for the BAA 5K on Sunday which I am still planning on doing, just walking.  I'm hoping to convince Lauren to walk with me so we can be two cackling grannies at the back huffing and puffing through our power-walk.

3. The cycling team I test-rode with on Monday has, against their better judgement, decided to allow me to join their team.  I have zero plans on racing at the moment but I'm pretty pumped to try and suck off the wheels of really strong cyclists.  Imagine how much more ice cream I can eat!

Day 12: 8 sad miles on the trainer.
Day 13: 3 rides totaling 24 miles, including a seriously excellent 10 or so at tempo pace, despite awful cross- and head-wind.
 That's a big calf, boys and girls.
 Happy because I'm flying!

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Who will I see in Boston??


  1. Of course they wanted you to join, you'll be kicking their asses in no time. And more ice cream = WIN :)

    Boston. In 2 days. For an epic weekend. See you there.

  2. Your calves are drool worthy. Seriously. Don't let me see those in Boston.

    I CAN NOT WAIT TO MEET YOU SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S. I wish I could walk it with you. Stupid effing crutches.

  3. Not me though, dawg. I will be running London. Not like the mayor though.

  4. 1. OoOOOHHHH!
    2. You are going to kick granny ass in that 5k. Sub 60:00, baby!
    3. Yay cycling!!

  5. I'll follow you wherever you put your site.

    Yay! Boston, drink it in, walking or running, that's the place to be this weekend! HAVE FUN!

    Congratulations on making the team, did you for even one moment think you wouldn't? Do you not follow your own blog and revel in your biking awesomeness?

  6. I'm so baffled by your butt...that you were even able to get through training with that kind of issue. Have a fun weekend in Boston -- sounds better than the crap rainy weather we are supposed to have here.

  7. I'm really jealous! I'll let you figure out which part (or all) I'm jealous about.

    And, welcome the glute med club. It's even harder to get into than your new cycling team.

  8. Holy calf muscle! I hope things heal quickly. 70.3 is a huge accomplishment, it doesn't matter if the 13.1 is a walk or run!!!

  9. Wow, those are some LEGS GIRL! I will be in Beantown, see you soooon!! :)

  10. ooo, walking 13.1 would be tough, almost tortuous. hopefully you can get your rear in gear before the 70.3. have fun in boston!

  11. Your calf muscle = amazingness. Have a fun time in Boston!

  12. Congratulations on be invited to join the cycling team! That is very cool and now you can learn all of their secrets and continue in your quest to take over the world!!

  13. Great job on making the cycling team and have fun in Boston!


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