march: well, this is going to hurt

I almost can't look at it.

March Goals
National Half.  Get there healthy & run it down.

Yeah, well.  I got there, anyway, and I ran that cranky bitch down.  March wasn't the confidence-boosting month that I hoped it would be.  Instead of continuing to rock the face off of every training run, I rocked myself right into two weeks of misery and depression.  Just about every aspect of my training took a hit, one way or another, this month.  And yet somehow I'm ready to attack April.  Short-term memory loss goes a long way, folks.

The first two weeks of the month weren't all bad, though.  I had some really great track workouts and a great 14M long run (which I ran much faster than the race last weekend am trying not to dwell on). I've been able to maintain my swim base throughout all of this, and while I'm still spending about 80% of my workouts with the pull buoy banging me in the crotch, I feel confident that I will be ready for at least 1.2 of my 70.3.  I only had one outdoor ride this month, but it was a good day.
So rather than looking back, I'm looking forward.  April is going to bring hundreds of miles on the bike and hopefully the return of the sunrise ride as the weather continues to warm up (and by "warm up" I mean "rocket through reasonable temps and end up boiling by May").  It's also going to bring a careful yet triumphant return to running, as I continue to modify my training to address my weaknesses and attempt to prevent injury (I just said that in case my PT was listening).  It's going to bring a trip to Boston for the girls weekend of all girls weekends, Graham's first 5K race, and maybe even an attempt to bring my own 5K PR down a notch or two.  It's going to bring back grilling in the back yard, swimming with the pups at the dog park, tofu marinades and short-sleeve jerseys.  And maybe finally cooking that stupid spaghetti squash.

Miles run: 89.
Yards swum (swam?  swimmed?): 27300.  Yes, that required a calculator.
Miles cycled: 72 (I am officially embarrassed).
Rest days: 9
Oreos consumed: 2 boxes
Times I went grocery shopping while hungry: 8
Times I went grocery shopping while hungry and only bought food I usually eat: 0
Times I talked about my crotch in public: 7 (it's cycling season, BABY!)
Honeymoons booked: 1

April Goals
Put 400 miles on my quads bike.
Don't stop doing the PT core work just because the pain goes away.
Do not buy a major piece of furniture.
Learn how to snot-rocket someone with precision from the bike.
Go back to yoga.


  1. Hooray for crotch talk! Trail runners like to talk about pooping. Especially pooping outdoors.

  2. Ive already had my share of being snot-rocketed on but maybe we can learn together so I can get that black and yellow cervelo bike riding dude back.

    and I need to learn to make spaghetti squash. asap.

  3. Three cheers for a new month! I have a feeling you are going to have a rocking April and leave the bad memory of March in the dust. :)

    Enjoy that spaghetti squash!

  4. only 7? do I not count as public? because you definitely exceeded talking about (and rubbing lube on) your crotch 7 times in March.

  5. Woo! Yay for April & girls weekends :) Looking forward to meeting you :)

  6. haha I like that oreos consumed is on your list. You're much better at cross training than I am! I have to get more consistent about it.

  7. Too much talk about exercise and not enough info on HONEYMOON!!!!

  8. Um, I'll give you some spaghetti squash suggestions when you're visiting. :-) And I have tons o' music for you. You bringing your laptop?

  9. OMG that swim number is insane! Can you imagine counting all of those laps?

    And, finally, can we please have some effing spaghetti squash?

  10. I am seriously impressed by the swim! I am sorry that you had some bad times in March but things are definitely looking up!

  11. Mix the spaghetti squash with pesto and some grilled chicken - it's the best meal ever. Enjoy!

  12. 1. Does oreos consumed inclulde the oreo truffles that we made?

    2. When you figure it out, please teach me hot to snot rocket. I'm terrible at it.

  13. By far the best spaghetti squash I've ever eaten: There's enough butter to cancel out all the squashy health benefits ... but not the 400 miles you're about to put on your quads!

  14. You deserve a FANTASTIC April after what you went through in March - but at least your ended on your terms (running!)! See you soooooon ;)

  15. I agree with Aron, and given what you have in store for yourself, it sounds like you'll get it ;)

    Spaghetti Squash will not disappoint you!

  16. Did you go to IU by chance?? I see the IU jacket--that's where I go! :)

  17. @Kaitlyn I did go to IU - undergrad & master's!

  18. It is so important to continue PT work- I know this first hand...that is a great goal to have!


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