don't call me a cyclist just yet

I do not understand my stupid body.  I could not run 1 mile on Friday.  I actually couldn't run 1 step.  But cycling is all fine?  What is going on?

I met up Saturday morning with Lauren and Emily for a ride of undetermined length.  I warned them multiple times that I am restricted to no climbing strength or using really any power at all right now which makes me pretty annoying to ride with, plus I basically complain about it every 5 minutes plus I cuss a lot on a bicycle.  Who doesn't want to ride with me?  Lauren and I met up on the MV trail and met Emily in Georgetown and then headed out to Maryland from there.  The ride to Georgetown was mostly downhill, and the first 15 miles or so out of DC were pretty flat.  It was pretty chilly but we were fine as long as we kept moving and for the first time in months there was no 35mph wind trying to knock my ass over.  We stopped to shove calories down about 22 miles in and decided to keep heading out until we hit 30 to get roughly close to 60 on the day.  
I know, it's hard to look directly at us without your sexy-meter getting all out of whack.

The middle 20 miles were pretty hilly and, as such, a bit frustrating.  Trying to stomp up a hill makes my back hurt (plus I'm not supposed to be doing that), so I used my lardass to power down a hill and then got passed by birds and bunnies and butterflies going up the next.  My splits for these 20 alternate between 23mph miles and 10mph miles which is actually not the recommended way to train, I think.  
Yes, I know 360 feet is actually not that much climbing but when you do it 12 times it starts to get annoying.  Also I don't remember climbing up the side of a building at mile 6 and again at mile 19 but apparently that's what we did.  By the time we got out of the rollers and back to the flat I was chanting "burrito. burrito. burrito."  We took a tiny shortcut and ended up at the Qdoba in Georgetown eating delicious lard wrapped around cheese and beans and corn.
We split up after that to head home where I believe Lauren and I averaged 4mph (that's our combined speed, since you asked) due to the added weight of the burrito.  I only had to ride around the block once to hit 60 miles for the day and then I got home and had just enough time to take my first shower in 4 days before I collapsed in a pile of pillows and puppy for a nap.  My legs felt fine later in the evening and the next day but apparently riding 60 miles with a bad cold is not the way to make it go away.  It came back with a vengeance so I ditched my crazy ideas about a 100-mile weekend and just rode to Old Town and back to watch the poet massively PR his 10M.
I guess the moral of the story is, I'm not going to be back running in 2 weeks like I thought, it actually might take a bit longer to figure this out.  But as long as I can ride, I think I can handle this for a while.  It was great to ride long on Saturday and I'm hoping it's not too much longer before I can start putting hill and speed workouts into my cycling diet because my average mph is making me pretty cranky.

Day 7: 7 lame miles inside (I had a cold, see how my nose is all pink and ouchy?).
Day 8: 8 lame miles inside (Ha, didn't realize I was doing that. Still had a cold, yes that is "House" playing on my laptop.)
Day 9: 60.2 miles.  Don't make fun of my bag of jelly beans on the ground.
Day 10: 7.6 miles.  I don't even know.
How was your weekend?  Did it make your crotch hurt like mine?


  1. lol your posts make me laugh. and you are not slow! AND I can barely climb faster than you up hills and I am allowed to use my power- bad hill climber right here!!!

    cant wait to ride again soon!

  2. Glad you can still cycle! I feel the same way, I can do everything but run...come on body!

  3. I'm glad you can cycle, especially b/c you clearly enjoy it! I'm laughing at the "lard wrapped around beans and cheese." Damn it, that lard is so good!

  4. That sounds like such an awesome ride!!! And congrats to the poet. He seriously kicked ass on Sunday!!!!

  5. *I* want to ride with you! I love cussing. (See comment on Friday's post)
    Besides, delicious lard wrapped around cheese and beans is an irresistible concept.
    Glad you got some big miles in!

  6. "How was your weekend? Did it make your crotch hurt like mine?" Nope, sure didn't. LMAO!!!!

    I swam and worked out the guns. Sooooooooo exciting. T-minus 5 days til I see you. That is all.

  7. I'd probably be a good cycling partner for you right now because you are probably still faster than me. You are also awesome for working out so much when you are feeling sick.

  8. yes. but for different reasons.

    i can't believe i just typed that. wait, yes i can.

  9. Birds, and bunnies, and butterflies, and scaling buildings. Love it!

  10. 1. Sad I did not see you at the GW finish.
    2. As discussed, you should look into the whole roadie thing.
    3. Burrito ride redux the weekend after Boston?

  11. You three look like bicycle version of Charlies Angels! Love it, glad you're able to cycle.

    Congrats to the poet!! and thanks for cheering me at the finish! :)

  12. It is SO hard to be patient, ain't it Nice job on the biking!

  13. great week o' workouts!!! my butt is tore up too from lots of miles on the bike...owww!!!! that elevation graph is SICK!!!! makes my quads burn just looking at it!

  14. Awesome job woman.

    Find me on daily mile--please!!
    Under run emz.

  15. Great ride! The elevation profile makes me wanna hurl! I *need* to get on my bike soon, as I just singed up for a mini-tri. The bike portion is only 18mi but I need to get movin'!

  16. This whole post has "sexy meter" comin' at ya! 60 miles?! My crotch would never forgive me. I made my legs hurt, instead, with another half. :) Definitely cycling and taking it easy on impact next weekend!

  17. I'm glad the cycling is going well and that you can ride up the side of buildings on your magic bike! I am sore today after 17 miles, I can't imagine how I would feel after 60!

  18. yay for riding! it's so awesome to have something to drain some of that energy and supply you some good quality endorphins :)

  19. I think my sexy meter burst. Something certainly happened.

  20. Belated congrats on poet's PR :). Didn't know you two were there...hopefully you missed my finish line sputter :p.

    As always, loving the pics :). Glad you've been able to get your ride on!


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