three things thursday

1. As it turns out, I am not suffering from bad allergies but instead a really bad cold.  I haven't been sick in quite some time and I'm actually pretty annoyed to be dealing with sniffles, coughing, and stuffed ears.  Last night I was in bed at 5pm and I'm going to lay low today and hope that I can kick it pretty quickly.

2. I get to try and run tomorrow.  1 mile, just to test things out.  If it feels okay, I can do it again Sunday.  1 mile!  I miss my teammates.

3. We took Molly swimming for the first time this week.  She LOVED it.  Graham only likes to splash around in the shallow end, but she was swimming into the deep end right away.  My little brave girl!

Day 6: 13M bike commute (round-trip).  It took me an additional 8 minutes to make the trip home because of the headwind and how zapped I was by being sick.  Ugh.
My new bumblebee coat!  It was awesome, I was actually too warm on the way in, and took off the sleeves for the ride home.  


  1. So now you can take back all those nasty things you said to the Spring flowers. :)
    So glad you are almost running again! And your 30 Days of Biking is most impressive. Hope to join you on the bike soon, I'm willing to try again next week if you're game.

  2. Being sick iis stinky. Get better soon! Then we can all go to the dog park and I'll pretend that your dogs are mine and I can watch them play in the water!!

    I love the new jacket. Supa cool.

  3. i get confused when I see pictures of you on a bike and you're not wearing purple. i rode my bike for the first time today in like 3 weeks. 3 miles into work, I'll be an Ironman in no time!

  4. Yay!

    Dear Molly, please teach me to swim. -Signed Dash

  5. Feel better! Those sleeves come off? Very cool.

  6. I love the jacket!

    Now that you have discovered Molly is a swimmer, I hope that Molly/you/Graham will be signing up for a triathlon relay.

  7. Ah, such a brave pup! I don't even swim in the deep end ;) (kidding...sort of)

    Feel better soon!

  8. I'm so excited (and jealous) about your bike commute (and jacket).

    And, if Molly teaches Dash how to swim, can she do a group lesson for Nigel and Abe? Abe's actually untested, but you've seen Nigel in the water. Oh wait, no you haven't, because he won't go in!

  9. Feel better!
    Love the Molly photo. I had a dog that would jump off the dock with me into the lake! Delilah isn't nearly as excited about water though.
    Yay for warm weather!

  10. Awww I love that Molly likes to swim :) Good luck on the run & get well soon! I'm looking forward to meeting you in Boston!

  11. i need your evidenced by my awesome race picture lol.

    hope you feel better soon!!!!

  12. Yeahh miss Molly! Love it! I hope you're feeling better soon! I got sick a few weeks ago and everyone said, Oh yeah... you have allergies. I kept saying, "No I don't! I have a COLD!" :)


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