random friday facts

1. My allergies are so bad right now, I would happily claw my eyeballs out with toothpicks to make that feeling go away.  Oh, and I'd like my voice back, Darth, but it was fun to trade for a while.

2. The sound of a ringing cell phone annoys me.  Especially if it's my own.

3. If you are over 300lbs and your midriff is showing at the gym, I'm going to judge you.  I mean, I'm pumped that you are motivated, but I'm still going to judge you every time.

4. When I lived in Boston for a year, I did not go watch the marathon.  

5. I still don't know how to correctly chop an onion.

6. I listen to music while I ride my bike.  I KNOW.

7. I didn't like beer until a few years ago.

8. I have cellulite on the backs of my legs.  It's why I never wear shorts or skirts.  I spend most summers in capris.

9. I was really excited to change my last name when I got married.

10. I am unable to blow my nose without making a really loud noise.

11. I still eat ice cream every night before I go to bed.

12. My Dyson has been broken for a week and it's ruining my life.  My house is basically a big pile of dog hair.

13. I love really big sunglasses.

14. I can tell my dogs apart by their smell.

15. When I'm waiting between sets at the gym, I pick at my fingernails.

16. Sometimes I wish someone would steal my car so I could get the insurance money.

17: I dislike going to: the bank, the post office, the gas station, the doctor, the grocery store.  Pretty much anywhere, actually; people are annoying.

18. I think I would be a terrible mother.

19. I sleep on my stomach.

Day 14: 23.2 solid miles.


  1. I'm with you 100% on #3 and #11.
    I can show you #5.
    And, the miles, oh the miles! You. Effing. Rock!

  2. Ooh, I've missed your random fact fridays! Definitely with you on #17. Hell is other people.

  3. I'm with you on number 18. We should form a club. Have you tried a neti-pot? It's gross, but it flushes all the pollen out of your sinuses, which makes allergy season so much better.

  4. Hillarious! Yes, capris are becoming my new bff and cell phone rings are right up there with the sound of the alarm in the morning!

  5. I'm the same way with #10. I sound like a fog horn.

  6. High five! Loud nose blowers unite. I think I got it from my dad. I'm also a loud sneezer. It's really sexy.

  7. YES! #1, #18, #12-I dropped my diamond earring on the floor of our bedroom 2 weeks ago and still can't find it and I'm forbidding anyone to vacuum until it's found! (Yup and I'm squeezing dog poop bags until I find it!).

    I used to LOVE sleeping on my stomach, but the chiro said that is how I got the pinched nerve in my neck. I just don't sleep as well on my back or side.

    I hate the grocery store.

  8. I live with a foghorn nose-blower yet did notice that honking sound last night. In camp #18 with you -- I don't want children so I'd probably be a bad mother 'cause I'd be so pissed off I was stuck with them.

  9. I fully support your approach to ice cream consumption.

  10. LOL at #8. I've totally gotten over that and wear them anyways. I hate being hot and capris make me hot in the summer.

    Sounds like someone finally introduced you to a beer worth drinking. ;o) We'll be at Mad Fox this evening if you'd like to join us for dinner again. ;o)

  11. For some reason I have not been eating much ice cream recently. (And didn't even realize until I read #11) I'm not sure why I fell off the bandwagon, must get back on quickly!

  12. We have so much in common it is ridiculous!!!!

    See you soon!!!

  13. UGH I don't like shorts either...I am trying to come back around to them, but whole whole ginormous leg situation I have going on now is NOT cool! SEE YOU SOON!!! ps Please bring your puppy in your carry on ;)

  14. D wants a Dyson SO bad - every time the commercial comes on he comments on this. We saw the fancy ones at Best Buy a few weeks ago and I honestly thought he was going to throw down $400 on a vacuum cleaner. Scary.

    I haaate going to the bank and post office. I'm SO terrible about mailing things, it's pathetic.

  15. I missed this yesterday. I might agree with everything on this list, especially the part about people. Hope you're having fun in Boston!

  16. I hate when my cell phone rings too. It usually means work is calling me. Allergies suck! Ice-cream and I are friends, but I limited it to once or twice a week.

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  18. For me it's an ice cream sandwich each night.

    Loved meeting you today. I see you on Emily's blog all the time and it was nice to see you in person. Congrats on the pain free run!

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