three things thursday

1. My puppy snores louder than most humans.  His favorite place to sleep while I'm working is with his nose under my right arm, snoring away.  He's there right now.  He also dreams a lot, and his feet twitch and he makes like whiny-snorty sounds.  Sometimes he gets the hiccups while he's asleep.  He's pretty silly.

2. A good friend of mine found out yesterday that she has a stress fracture in her foot after running Shamrock last weekend.  This strikes a weird chord with me - I got a stress fracture in my foot last winter training for Shamrock, and ended up missing the race.  I really feel her pain on this one!!  She's mostly annoyed about the money she's losing out on the races she's signed up for in the next 6 weeks, so to help her out, I'm going to buy her Cherry Blossom bib.  :)  :)  :)  
Last year I had a Cherry Blossom bib, but ended up running the 5K instead of the 10M because of that same stress fracture.  This year, I missed the Cherry Blossom lottery, and passed on several chances to buy bibs because I wasn't sure how long my shoulder recovery was going to take, and my first words to my doc last week when he told me I could run in a week were, "Argh, I could've run the Cherry Blossom 10M!!"  I'm sad for my girl that she's going to miss this race (and her first trail marathon - bummer), but I'm glad the universe gave me another chance to run this race.

3. I need to stop. eating. potato chips. for. lunch.  Potato chips are not a vegetable.  I have lots of frozen and fresh fruits and veggies in my pantry, and I think (okay, I know) even a baked potato would be better than potato chips!  Today I will eat real food for lunch.  


  1. Three thoughts - you've definitely discovered the secret to blogging in that cute puppy pictures = readers :-)
    Have you tried making kale chips? They satisfy the crunchy salty mmm craving.
    And, I have music recs for you, once I'm on a real computer. I discovered Kelly when I was recovering from the first broken knee and was antsy as hell to get to run to her. I have similar girly music for running only and have OCD playlists by mph range.

  2. I've never tried the Kale chips, but I will! And I love the OCS playlist. We're soul sisters.


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