badonkadonk part II

So I bought new capris, they are agreeable with my ass/waist situation, the world rolls onwards.

However, I have the same problem with my Fuel Belt.  It doesn't like to stay put on my big-mama hips, but instead slides upwards until it is sitting on top of my hips, loose around my waist.  This means that the bottles are whacking me in the elbows every time I swing through.  Cinching it on my waist is too high and makes my stomach feel weird.  I've tried many different geographical locations, but it bounces around no matter what.  Usually I just deal with it, but after reading this review and this review of the iFitness belt, I thought I'd try one.

It doesn't bounce, or move, from where I strap it on.  I tried it with the pockets around front and around back and it doesn't move.  I love it!

My iPhone (which is STUCK inside it's case) fits really well in one pocket, and I can fit my ID/credit card, nuun, and a big handful of jelly beans in the other, and neither of the pockets are bulging.  I also love the fabric - it's really soft wet-suit type fabric, and I think part of the reason it doesn't bounce is that material doesn't slip against my capris.

I mostly bought it because I don't like running without my cell phone and some money, but it seems silly to use the Fuel Belt on short runs and none of my running clothes have enough room for the iPhone.  This is tiny enough that I can grab it even when I'm out for a short run, and my iPhone won't jump out and commit iPhone suicide on the sidewalk the way it did the ONE time I tried it in the pocket of a running hoodie.  I also like that during races I have a place to stash everything without having to tie it all to my shoe laces, the pull-cord on my tights, etc.

I'll post some pictures of it next time I run, but overall I love it!


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