doc says...

Went to the ortho for my 6-day check-up this morning.  Shoulder report: range of motion is good, still clicking, he wants to see me again in 3 weeks.  He said I can do "whatever I want" until then, except swim.  The foot is taking its sweet time, but he said that I can run as soon as it feels fine.  I've got another 5 days in my prescribed 10, so this weekend may be out.  He said that I can pool run/recumbent bike as of now, though, which is great.

We talked about possibly doing a sprint distance tri this summer ("sure, go ahead") and a half-marathon in late summer/fall ("a half marathon is a lot of training, you know" - says the man with multiple Chicago Marathon/Boston Marathon/Olympic-distance Tri medals all over the wall), and all of that is a go, as long as my foot cooperates.  So good news all around.

On the flip side, driving the 25 minutes to the doctor left me nauseous, light-headed, and incredibly sleepy.  The drive home was more of the same, just with more shoulder pain, and I think my mid-afternoon nap may be a doozy.  I haven't taken any percocet since Monday, just the 800 ibuprofen, but I'm still sleeping a lot.  I'm also getting sore from a lack of moving around - aches and pains from sitting still, how hilarious!  I'm looking forward to another few days of deep healing, and then hopefully I can get moving again!!


  1. I bet Graham can offer you some advice on the whole lying-around-all-day front. I bet he doesn't get any aches and pains from it.

    Off to the doc to see if this is a sinus infection. Or maybe just a sympathy pain from you to me (in my head). :)


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