freaking out

I think I'm over-reacting a bit.

I'm now on day 6 of being in the air cast (prescribed 10).  I was hoping my foot would have calmed down enough to get back out on the streets this weekend.  I had tentatively planned a 5-miler with my running buddy for Saturday (or Sunday) morning, and I really want there to be no soreness, twinges, tightness, anything before I go back out.  But to me, on day 6, it feels exactly the same - little pangs occasionally throughout the day, a teeny tiny bit of soreness right where the tendon attaches to the bone, and ice feels good.  No major pain at any time.  But those little pangs really freak me out - similar to taper twinges, where I feel something tiny and in my head turn it into my leg needing to be amputated.

The reality is I'm afraid that if I go back out too soon, I'll end up making it worse.  But I've been running on it for about 2.5 months, and it hasn't gotten worse - and I actually think it's gotten a bit better.  If I hadn't been taking this week off for surgery I probably would have just kept running on it.  On the pain scale, it's about a 1 when I'm running, and maybe a 2-3 the rest of the time.  Just enough to let me know something isn't exactly right.  

The other (other) side of that is maybe this will be like my IT band - something I need to ice after I run and make sure to stretch and strengthen the right ways, but I can run on it as long as I'm smart.  Maybe this is all an over-reaction to a teeny tiny pain because I'm just so scared of losing months and months to being injured again, when actually this is something I can live and run with.  Maybe I am just driving myself crazy thinking about it and should just go back to bed.  AHHH.

Mama, you're driving me crazy.

I'm trying to not panic.  I'm doing exactly what I was told - the big ibuproufen 3x a day, air cast every minute I'm awake, and not being on my feet a whole lot (I love working from home).  I'm just so impatient!  Heal!! Heal faster!!  Hurry up, foot, I'm aching to get off this couch!!  

Also, I'm going to try this pool running madness again this weekend.  Note to self: check W-L schedule so I don't show up during Screaming Naked Child Hour.  


  1. You - impatient? Never.

  2. It's a lot easier to take a few extra days off and be injury free, than it is to come back a few days early and injure yourself more and have to take even more time off. The extra days of rest are worth it.


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