post-surgery day 5, giant air boot, day 3.

It's been 5 days since I had surgery on my shoulder.  The first two days I spent almost entirely in bed, asleep, letting my body do some scary deep healing.  Sunday morning I was able to get up, shower (!!), and get dressed.  So Sunday was my first day in the boot (out of a probable 10).  I've only left the house a few times, but I've been making an effort to get up, shower, dress, and move around during the day, instead of laying in bed all day.  I also think it's better for my foot to be in the air cast as much as possible, especially since I want it to heal magically by this Saturday (when I think I'll be shoulder-cleared to run).

I've been trying to drink a good amount of soy milk every day, take vitamins, and eat more fruit & veggies - anything to help my body heal.  Sometimes I fail miserably (re: yesterday's lunch of luna bar and potato chips, last night's after-dinner two scoops of ice cream).

I'm also still taking a pretty serious mid-day nap, which is okay with me.  I've been doing all my shoulder exercises all day throughout the day, not just the prescribed 2-4 times.  My doc said the more movement, the better, so that's what I'm doing.  

Silly things after surgery:

1. It is impossible to brush my teeth with my non-dominant hand.  I've gotten the toothbrush in my nose at least 10 times.
2. It's really hard to take off pants with only one hand.  Especially when you're really in a hurry because you have to pee.
3. My back hurts from sitting up straight on the couch (instead of my normal work posture, slumped in my jammies or cross-legged).
4. My neck hurts, partially from sleeping on my back (I'm a tummy sleeper), but partially from the nerve block.  Also, I have a HUGE vampire-esque hickey from the nerve block.  Be jealous, Twilight-ers.
5. I'm having a really good time thinking of silly things to say about why I'm in a knee-high air cast and have a bum shoulder.  "I was attacked by my dog (5 month old golden retriever)."  "Sleep-walked into a gang fight."  (I have a problem with sleep-walking) "Sex injury."  "Lost a fight with a pack of ninjas." "Sometimes I just fall down a lot."
6. Foods that are impossible to eat/serve with one hand: frozen pizza, ice cream, any kind of drink in a container.  Foods that are easy to eat/serve with one hand: fruit, granola bars, water.  Universe, what are you saying?
7. The nerve block also gave me a pretty serious boob job.  On one side (I don't really need it on either side).  I wonder when that swelling will go down?
8. I'm really afraid that I'm going to stand up and step on my puppy with the heavy air-casted foot and really hurt him.  He sleeps everywhere.
9. Ice is my boyfriend.  BEST BOYFRIEND EVERRRRRR.
10. It's REALLY hard to get a bra off with only one hand.  I have a lot more admiration for the boyfriend I had my sophomore year of college......!!
11. My puppy doesn't like it when I throw his toys with my left hand, because sometimes they go where I'm looking, and sometimes they go into the china cabinet, or into the next room, or under the coffee table, and those are all places where I can't reach to pull it out after I toss it in there, either.

I go to my ortho tomorrow morning.  Keep your fingers crossed that I get the shoulder all-clear to run this weekend....then we're just waiting on the foot to catch up!


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