redhead wedding

A certain redhead got hitched this past weekend so I trucked out to Michigan to celebrate her joy.  The first thing I did when getting off the plane, however, was hop in Kevin's car and go for a swim.  My shoulder started acting up while we were swimming but I did manage to scare the shit out of him with my favorite "swim underneath the person doing freestyle and make scary faces" trick so I called it a win.  No pictures of either of us in a bathing suit to put here, you're welcome.

The wedding was actually officially subtitled "blogger bonanza" so it seemed only appropriate that I shack up with another one of my favorite redheads and party the city down.
We managed to eat our way through the rehearsal dinner and sleep for a solid nine hours before waking up to discover that our long run plans had been thwarted by 40┬║ weather and pouring rain.  Which meant we hit the crappy treadmills in the hotel gym for a solid double-digit run, and then ate our way through the hotel breakfast before getting into our best duds for the event of the weekend.  Proof that I own a dress, even if it is the only one and I bought it in 2002.
The wedding was short and sweet and Lauren and I managed not to make too much of a ruckus.
The bride was gorgeous, of course, in that flawless way that all brides are on their big day.  (No, I didn't take any pictures with a real camera, thanks for asking, and PT hasn't uploaded them somewhere I can steal them yet, rude.)
And the reception was perfect.  The toasts were not too long, the food was delicious, the dancing was ridiculous, the bloggers were everywhere and the booze and oreos flowed freely all night long.
Nope, I wasn't kidding about the oreos (Yes, I do have a race in five days, thanks for not mentioning it).
Or the boozing bloggers, for that matter.
I was so thrilled that I could be there this weekend to witness my happily-in-love friends pledge their love to each other while wearing shiny shoes, and it was equally nice to escape DC and hang out in person with some of my favorite people that I've met through the internet.  And really, any night where the last dark and blurry picture in my cell phone camera looks like this has got to be a winner.
I flew back on Sunday and have spent the past 36 hours eating kale and sweating out bourbon, so I expect that my 70.3 this weekend is going to be a perfect display of fitness and preparation plus careful attention to nutrition and recovery.
Or, you know, not.

How was your weekend?  How much bourbon did you drink?