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Dear Graham,

You really scared us this year.  Not appreciated.
I know that you were sad and lonely while we were gone, and that you didn't do it on purpose.  That's why you got to come to Ohio with us instead of staying home.
You're three years old now, and it's easy to say that those three years have been some of the best of my life.
You wiggled into my life right around the time I met your daddy, and you've been here through every minute of the story of us.  I loved you the first day I picked you out of the box.
I know life has changed a lot for you since then.  You got a sister, and then another one, and you don't understand why they steal your toys and your snuggling, but they are your family too.
What I've learned from you is that love comes from everywhere.  It's simple and uncomplicated and it is what saved your life.  
It's the reason you are standing here, right now, with your head on my leg while I type, begging me with your eyes, can we PLEASE go outside?!
It's so hard to look back on this year and see anything other than the tragedy we went through, but I can say this now: going through hell and coming out the other side has changed all of us, for the better.
And every person that says to anyone, "But it's just a dog," has no idea what this kind of love is about.
How it follows you everywhere.
How it makes you a softer, kinder person, humbled.
How your heart just beats in a different way.
Little Graham, you may think that you are just a chapter in my life, but the truth is, you were my beginning.  Our beginning.  And you will always be the whole story, the happy ending to our fairytale.
I love you.  We all love you.  Happy Birthday.


  1. Beautiful post. I cried. :) Happy birthday Graham!

  2. I completely understand that love! Happy birthday Graham!

  3. Happy Birthday Graham. Love all of Graham's looks/expressions- it's clear from just the photos that he loves you right back!

  4. <3 <3 <3

    Also, those Animal sweatpants / pajamas are AMAZING. That is all.

  5. Happy Birthday Graham. May each one be sweeter and sweeter.

    PS Love the picture of you with the rolling pin. I do the same thing!

    The Kidless Kronicles

  6. Happy birthday Graham, and this post made me cry.

  7. happy birthday Graham!!!! love your puppy face!!!

  8. I teared up reading this. I absolutely know what that kind of love is like for a pup. And anyone who says "it's just a dog" has obviously never loved or been loved by a pup. I am so happy that you could spend another birthday with Graham. Happy Birthday Buddy!

  9. happy birthday graham!! hope he gets lots of puppy treats today!

  10. YAY Graham!!
    No one can say what love is or is not for anyone else. Anyone who hasn't learned THAT yet ... well.
    I still miss my cats.

  11. Such a gorgeous pup & amazing little guy.

    Yes I got teary-eyed. No I'm not ashamed...
    Holy, puppy love!

  12. Happy birthday to a special boy!!! Ask for lots of steak, Graham!

  13. I have such puppy envy. Happy birthday, Graham!

  14. Oh mah good gawd, this made me tear up. Happy birthday, sweet Graham! I'm so glad you're feeling better to celebrate your big day!

  15. What a beautiful post! Our baby is creeping up on 5 this February and she is such a big part of our little family. Can't imagine life without her. I totally get it.

    So glad Graham's come out on the other, better side :)

  16. Aw seriously, how cute was that! Happy birthday sweet Graham!

  17. Happy Birthday Graham!!!! You and Bailey have birthday's very close together.

  18. Aww such a sweet post, what a babe! Happy birthday, Graham!

  19. I have tears! You know, I have to admit, I never used to "get" it. And then I got my very first dog (child) this year, and now I know what I have been missing out on all these years.

    Happy Birthday, Graham! You are so lucky to have each other.

  20. Such a great post. Love your dogs! Happy birthday to Graham!

  21. such a beautiful post!!
    Happy Birthday Graham, I am so glad I got to pat you in Ohio

  22. Holy tears!
    I know this is super late, but... Happy Birthday Graham!

    And, beautiful post Katie.


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