a friendly ass

While we were standing around thinking about using the porta-potties one more time Saturday morning, the poet took a couple of quick action shots.
I got called out for not posting the most important shot he requested.
I fear this is a sign of old age, or perhaps I'm straying too far from core blog content.
So I offer this as a penance for my thoughtless error.
I had to dig around in the archives, but it turns out I've been storing up a bit of a collection.

Heart you, friend.  And the internet hearts your ass.


  1. Oh, that is fantastic. What ever would we do without enough ass shots?

  2. I shudder to think what your search stats must be like for people finding your blog...!

    I've been away. I'm back now though.

  3. That is one nice saddle.......so do you just love the ISM?


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