I decided, for no particular reason, to unplug myself this weekend.  I had such a lovely time living my life instead of talking about it on twitter that I extended my weekend into Monday, which is allowed when you are unemployed and tapering and therefore have very little to do.  I erased TwitBot and Facebook from my phone, shut my computer down and for the most part ignored my electronics completely.  

It doesn't mean I did anything particularly special.  I've been living like a bit of a hermit for the past week, trying to avoid germs and anxiety and large objects falling from the sky and anything except pure relaxation.  I put all the good mental training books away so my brain can taper too, and spent Saturday afternoon hanging out poolside with a friend and filling my mind with garbage.
I cooked (am exceptionally talented in the kitchen).
Attempted to teach Graham how to rest so his injury can heal (the spaces between training are important, GRAHAM).
Drank tea in the backyard and read more porn.
Reminded myself how much I like my husband when we spend time together while awake, painted my soon-to-be-an-Ironman-toenails and barely thought about triathlon at all.
And now race week is here.  I don't think I'm going to do a pep-rally-go-Katie-go-goals-post this week - it doesn't feel necessary as I think I've said just about everything I need to say, but don't hold me to that.  I might dig up some of my older crankier archives to distract myself - and all of you guys - from what the clock is ticking down towards.  I only have to make it five more days without falling down the steps or getting hit by a bus and then I can finally say that I've made it.  Hang onto your hats, friends and neighbors, I'm gonna be an ironman.