my puppies do not shit rainbows

The "puppies shitting rainbows" shirts showed up in mailboxes everywhere this week.
Of course I can't let an event like this slide without taking a billion pictures and generally making a huge production out of it.
Who am I kidding, I'm a blogger, everything I do requires a billion pictures and a huge production.
My puppies - who, incidentally, do not shit rainbows - think the shirts are fabulous. 
And while ten minutes of barefoot running in the backyard is not on my schedule for the week, I figured I could add this short session without worrying about destroying my race.
It was worth it, I think you'll agree.
A huge and endless outpouring of thanks to Jared at Kompetitive Edge for putting this together in a really affordable way for me.  KE, you continue to rock my socks. 
We have about....two spares laying around, if anyone belatedly wants one.  It costs extra if you want Graham to walk around in it for a while first.
Happy Wednesday, and by "Wednesday," I mean, "day I finally realize I need to pack."