random friday facts

1. I have peed on my bike in a race, once.  It was disgusting and my ass has never been so chapped in my entire life.  

2. I only like chocolate flavored protein powder/muscle milk.

3. The name of our wireless network is "that of a giant sloar."  If you don't know what that means, I'm not sure we can be friends.

4. No, I haven't started packing, or even thinking about packing.

5. My feet do not match each other.

6. Being unemployed is hell on my scented candle addiction.  

7. Trying to speak another language - in high school, French - makes me feel super awkward for some reason.  

8. I'm trying really hard to merge my work voice with my real voice.  It's not going well.  

9. I have always hated running with things touching my head, but I started wearing a visor a few months ago and I really like it.  Plus I feel like I look extra serious.  

10. Yesterday at the pool, the lifeguard was mopping the pool deck with a bleach solution.....and pushing the dirty water into the pool.

11. My weight has stayed in the same 5 (7?) pound range throughout IM training.

12. I am the person on the bike ride who will pop a squat on the side of the road without even bothering to check for cars or go behind a tree.

13. I used to be such a night owl.

14. I can do a lot of 1-minute planks.  

15. I really like bourbon.

16. I am a really bad dancer, but I do it all the time.

17. This morning on my ride, the "I got dick for days you got ass for weeks" song was stuck in my head.  You're welcome.

18. Googling the lyrics to make sure I was singing it correctly in my head - not recommended.

19. I'm pretty sure I know what I want to do with the rest of triathlon season.

20. I've been eating a lot of bacon recently.  Remember when I gave up meat?  

21. Race day showed up in the 10-day forecast this morning.  Holy shit, you guys.

22. I think I'm getting the pep back in my step, finally.  I can tell because on the graph of my life, the sarcasm line is going up and the serious line is going down.  

Happy Friday!  Let me know if you did any version of RFF today!


  1. #9. Oh I am loving the running with a visor thing. I can't believe I waited so long to try one!

    #21 - Race day weather looks perfect! Lets hope it stays that way

  2. It is so freaking soon!!! I can only imagine the things swirling through your head. So very excited for you.

    I hate running in hats/visors, but it seems like everyone does in IM (and most tri) events. I need to give it another tri. I think I get a finisher's visor for my half next weekend so that will be a good place to start. :)

  3. #1 - my worst fear, ever. Chaffing marks and sores and no sex, oh my. Which falls back to #12 - still perfecting the nonchalant attitude and trying to stay away from indiscreet cameras.

    #17 - of course I had to google this. Sometimes what pops up on my ipod is quite scary. This one, not much, but an interesting read nonetheless.

    #10 - I wonder if you get to swim in poopy water too. I am trying really hard to ignore the turds if I come across one since asking the lifeguards to remove them pretty much puts an end to the only hour available for swimming. I always tell myself that the lake must be worse than this with all the fish poop in it.

  4. 3. Our wireless internet network is named "your mom".
    10. Yuck.

  5. It's getting so close I'm getting VERY excited for you!!!!! Haa I use to hate running with anything on my forehead too now hubs make fun of me because I NEVER take my IM visor off! But he's wrong I do have to wash the salt residue off of it every once in a while! :-)

  6. I am so excited about your IRonman debut next weekend!!!!!

  7. Race day weather is VERY favorable. :) Let's hope it stays! I'm surprised you even checked since you are SO anti countdowns.

    My weight has also only fluctuated 3-5 lbs during IM mostly because despite working out 20 hours because I eat all day.

    I also used to be a night owl- now 10 pm is way past my bedtime.

  8. hallelujah to #22!!!!!!!

    Post-IM, I am taking you on a bourbon tour downtown.

  9. Dancing is fun! Who care if you are good or not! Race day is getting close!

  10. 17. "You Can Do It" was on a half-marathon mix I uploaded onto a friend's iPod, which I was borrowing for race day. It propelled me to my PR. When I gave the iPod back to my friend, I told him: "You have the best race playlist EVERRR on your iPod right now." He texted me the next day: "Finally got your wretched jock jams off my iPod." To each his own ...

  11. Graph of my life......I need one of those. Should I just Google that or will bad shit come up?

    You are ready for this race and your RFF proves it.

  12. I'm training for IMLP and my weight hasn't budged but my clothes are so loose now. Go figure. I haven't commented before but have enjoyed reading your training journey, you have definitely done the training, get excited to reap the rewards! Looking forward to the race recap!

  13. As an ultrarunner, I love nothing more than going in the woods but the pee while running/biking thing is beyond me.

    Your gym/pool sounds like the worst ever. Did you say anything to management about the dirty bleach water incident?!

    You. Are. Going to be AWESOME in this Ironman thing. I'm only sad that I can't go and watch.

    If there is a post-Ironman celebratory bourbon-lovers tour I feel I need to be there!


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