may: in which I fill the barn with hay

It's probably fair to guess that I missed all of my May goals before I even look back...

May Goals
Use the time off from working wisely.  Doctor's appointments, sleep, errands, doing workouts in new places.  Actually, this happened. 
Do core work more than once a week while lifting.  Ugh.  No.
Learn a second way to eat quinoa.  "Learned" but did not "cook."
Use the foam roller even when things aren't cranky. A little bit...maybe.
Discover and keep more healthy snacks in the house to avoid the 4pm "EAT ALL THE THINGS."  Total failure.

I'm three weeks out from ironman, which means I'm right where I should be: as loaded as possible, and now it's time to very slowly roll downhill towards the race.  Swimming took a bit of a backseat this month - I feel like mostly what I was doing was either maintenance, to keep up with all the good hard work I put in this winter, or recovery, to give my legs a little gift to help ease the pounding they took day in and out. I saw three weeks of more cycling volume than I've done since last summer - or maybe ever.  I'm pleased to be able to say a month later than my saddle and crank situation didn't even cross my mind with all the riding I did this month, which means that drama-rama can finally be laid to rest.  I got multiple opportunities to practice my ironman nutrition, and I feel good about what I've finally settled on.  And the most notable thing about running is that I'm still doing it.  I made it.  I'm not injured or nursing any injuries right now, I did the longest long run of my life, I ran a ton of miles and I'm still standing.  That's gotta count for something.

The rest of my life took a major backseat during this final build.  Up until this training block, I hadn't really been surprised by the volume or how I felt.  This block was different, and I expected it to be different but I can say now that I really had no idea what to expect.  It was tough on me, but it was also tough on my friends and especially my family, and I'm glad to be coming out the other side.  I'm still in a pretty deep fatigue hole but I'm excited to feel like I'm getting excited about this race.

Looking down into June, I'm not planning on making many goals.  I've still got three weeks of training left, and while it's tapering, it's still going to be volume.  I've got my fingers in a lot of different ears right now about jobs, and I am desperately hoping that by the time I write the next recap, I've got something lined up.  Because as much as it may be nice to not work, it's causing me a lot of stress financially and honestly, I'm bored.  I need more stimulation than this and my puppies need brown circles and tennis balls.  

Miles run: 112.4
Miles run in the neon shoes: many several more than 0
Miles cycled (I'm almost afraid to look): 659.55
Containers of EFS consumed: almost 5
Outdoor swims: 1
Days I gave up on trying to make sure I had adequately refueled: 6
Days that contained IM-training meltdowns: 3
Days that contained confidence-building long rides/runs: 5
Packages of double stuf Oreos eaten: 1

June Goals
More outdoor swimming.
Now that the peak block is over, get back in the weight room.
Continue to steer clear of all things that cause IM anxiety (people, places, online training calculators, etc.)
Make plans for July that include the words "beach" and "margarita" and "grill" and "drunk" and NOT the words "bike" or "train" or "heart rate."
Enjoy every single damp sweaty sticky second of race day.

What are your goals for June?  Any big races?