random friday facts

1. I remember reading something somewhere a while ago that said something to the effect of, while you are training hard, you aren't growing brain cells.  That sentence should prove that this theory is correct.

2. Two separate women stared at my crotch this morning in the locker room.  I'll get a bikini wax next week, RELAX.

3. Yesterday I tried to eat conversation hearts on the trainer.  It's a pretty bad idea.
4. We bought one of those $20 digital-rabbit-ears thing for the TV a few weeks ago.  I still watch all both of my shows online, but it brought the NFL back into this house.

5. I buy my compression socks one size too small for some extra leg hug action.

6. My eating has been totally out of control this week.  I'm trying hard to make sure I'm putting down GOOD food (for the most part #3) but the sheer amount is kind of startling.

7. I wish I had a prehensile tail.

8. The best thing about fixing my broken ass?  I don't have to wear spandex shorts anymore.

9. Still no itch to race.

10. I don't care about Valentine's Day.

11. If I don't read before bed, I don't sleep as well.

12. I miss being outside on the bike.  I even miss sweating my brains out when it's 102ยบ at 6pm and I'm in for an hour of chasing NCVC ass desperately up another hill.

13. This blog post has been sitting open for over two hours while I try and think of another fact but I'm pretty sure my brain has shut down for the day.  Instead, I shall post it.  Let me know if you RFF'd so I can read some posts that are less lame than this one.


  1. I RFFed. I also hear ya on #11.

    My mojo is gone. Running sucks arse.

  2. I thought it was funny when we both looked at Thom like he had 4 heads when he was wanting to cancel poker the Sunday before Valentine's Day.

  3. Not lame! Random is always good.

    Thanks for your comment... good to know I'm not the only one who didn't know the "obvious" way to wear a swim cap!

  4. I RFF'd.

    We have a tv with rabbit ears. I'm always afraid I'm going to stab myself in the eye when I walk past them.

  5. Maybe I should consider getting rabbit ears. I wonder if they would work on the TV in the basement?
    I had to google what a prehensile tail is.. but that would be pretty awesome! Maybe make eating conversation hearts on the trainer easier?
    I don't care about Valentine's day either.

  6. Didn't RFF today but got a Lola and me show up. VIDEO!!!

    Im confused about NOT wearing spandx shorts?? I love your garmin. Mines a 305 and I really, really want yours. it matches my bike.

    Screw VD. Love me, give me the kind of carbon on wheels.

  7. Ok--I have never read that about brain cells, but I believe it!!! I feel SO dumb when i am training hard.

  8. Haaaaaaa @ #7.

    I have never worn spandex shorts. Or, like, never since it was the early '90s and they were just normal clothing.

  9. Conversation hearts count as a seasonal food. Nutritionists always say to eat seasonal food. I think you're doing yourself a HUGE service by eating as many as possible.

  10. I seriously laughed at #2. That reminds me I probably need a wax too.

  11. I'm with you on the reading before bed. I drift off much better! I have too many thoughts about VD, none of which are overly romantic, just appreciative.

  12. I don't really know how you were living without the NFL. I don't know if I could do it.

    I love spandex shorts! And now I have a broken ass. Perhaps there is a connection?

  13. I think VD is really just silly, honestly! I get my kids a little something (candy/card) but the husband and I stopped marking it ages ago.

    I'm with you--I miss the heat and love being out there getting a good sweat on!

  14. Ohhh you crack me up #2... I think the same thing every time I have to change in the locker room but that's my prerogative since hubs is gone and I don't need the streamline advantage, let's face it I haven't been in the pool all winter!

  15. Perhaps the girls in the locker room are too intimidated to check out your butt.

    Happy Friday

  16. #5- Brilliant. I need to steal this idea pronto.

    #8- Jealous. I don't think my ginormous thighs will ever allow me to quit the spandex. I can't handle the chub rub.

    RFF done.... late, but done. Have a great weekend!

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  18. I Rff'd today too....
    And also, I was just dreaming about outside biking while on the indoor trainer the other day. Can't, can't wait to be sweating like crazy outside again. (Although when we get there, we'll start complaining about the heat)

  19. Conversation hearts are the Valentine's Day equivalent of candy corn. Both are acceptable foods for about 1 week out of the year.

  20. Heather @ Dietitian on the RunFebruary 11, 2012 at 11:21 AM

    #7.....what?! tail?

    Random: We went out for pizza last night out of sheer laziness and the fact that we had no good 'pizza veggies' and not enough cheese (NOT OKAY). I'll make you pizza-dough proud soon, though!

  21. Two weeks ago I ate caramels on the bike, yummmmm. My husband and I both think Valentine's Day is lame, I am with you on that one. In terms of working out in 102 degree weather, I am doing that right now in Burkina - on the dreadmill or stationary bike in a gym that has NO air conditioning, NO fans, and NO air circulation whatsoever. It's kind of enough to make me miss winter.

  22. We use the rabbit ears too. The picture is surprisingly awesome!

  23. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wishes I had a prehensile tail? I really really do.


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