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I made goals for January?

January Goals
Keep wearing the Christmas tree swimsuit until it wears out.  Still wearing it, although it's starting to turn into a droopy transparent parachute.
Don't strangle any fat people at the gym (I know this should be, "be encouraging and patient with new exercisers," but, come on, have you met me?).  I managed to mostly avoid this mess, mostly because I went during off-hours.
Eat spinach more often.  It worked for Popeye and appears to be one of the possibly-missings in my diet. This month brought a lot more greens into my diet!
Clean out the iTunes library.  No one needs this much Genesis.  Cleaned out and moved to an external HD.  My computer is so fast now!
Learn to cook eggplant in a way that does not involve pizza. Well, that's a big fail.  Do I get credit for cooking the cauliflower?
Keep rotating shoes despite a love bordering on obsession for the new pink ones.  Shoes have been rotated with military-like precision.  

I didn't get a lot of sleep last night and I'm sitting here in a bone-deep exhausted haze, which I think says a lot about how January went.  I survived my first peak week in base training, I enjoyed the crap out of rest week, I did not get injured and I weigh exactly the same as I did on January first.  Can I just end the post here?

I'm finding a lot of sweet peace in the water right now.  My swim volume has dropped a bit since I'm no longer preparing for a 10K swim, and it's settled into a routine that I'm actually quite happy with.  I still don't feel like I'm getting faster, but I do feel like I'm staying strong and consistent.  My bike situation is still a hot mess.  Swapping out my rear cassette and crank was a big step in the right direction, however,  as I discovered on my ride yesterday, it totally screwed my fit.  So I'm going to be back in the bike shop sooner rather than later to get that straightened out.  I couldn't tell from that one ride if the new components made a huge difference, but I'm planning on a good solid long ride this weekend, hills included.  And running is what it always is for me - a battle against my body's inclination to explode into dust upon contact with the road.  I ran four days in a row last week - and more importantly, 30 miles in those four days - and have lived to walk another day.  Even more notably, I ran over 100 miles this month for the first time in almost a year.  I've got little cranky niggles up one side and down the other, but nothing game-ending.  That's the best I can ask for at this point.  

Nutrition got another major kick in the ass this month as I continued to experiment with veggies I had scorned since childhood.  Brussels sprouts and lots of spinach and squash are all here to stay, but I'm not sure I'll repeat the cauliflower experiment.  I've been trying hard to find ways to drop some of the processed foods out and replace them with real food - a good example is trying to swap out my Clif/Luna/protein bar addiction for Larabars.  I think I'm starting to notice actual effects of a better diet on my training - and what happens when I veer into 5 billion grams of sugar in one day - and that's enough of a reason to keep me trying to clean things up.  There's still beer and ice cream and there always will be, but there was a whole lot less of it this month and honestly, the harder I train, the less I want it.  My life is starting to veer back into a place where all I do is wake up, eat, train, eat, work, dive immediately into my sweatpants, climb under the pile of puppy and go back to sleep as soon as I possibly can.  And I love every moment.  

Miles run: 111
Debilitating injuries: 0 (major improvement over this time last year)
PT appointments: 0
Races: 0
New pairs of running shoes: 0
New pairs of cycling shoes: 1
Puppy-poop-floor incidents: 1
Extra-cranky blog posts: 2

February Goals
Schedule a bike fit.
Don't buy any more beer (fridge is full, folks, I'm not losing my mind).
Keep doing the buy-a-mystery-veggie-and-cook-it thing.
Buy another pair of dress pants.
Do a long run without music (maybe).
Take pictures and post the crank for sale (anyone want it?) on ST.
Do a few more clean-out-the-pantry weeks.

What are your goals for February?  It's a short month, don't make too many.


  1. No fat people were killed! YAY.............

  2. Aubergine - aka eggplant - is fantastic in lasagne, but my fluffy bunnikins insists on making the sauce the night before - she reckons it tastes a million times better that way because it softens up or some such shit. It is supertasty though, I must say. And you can make it with turkey mince so it's even healthier!

  3. Cauliflower should be made illegal. It ain't green and don't taste good! Just like my english.

    The new crank messed up your fit? Did you change crank arm lengths?

  4. Yay for zero injuries and lots of running!

  5. This is a fantastic eggplant recipe. A bit more on the summery side, but so tasty. http://smittenkitchen.com/2010/08/eggplant-salad-toasts/

    I'm not yet a fan of cauliflower, but I believe above all other things that any vegetable, roasted, is a win. So I need to try roasting cauliflower, stat.

    1. roasted cauliflower is yum, btw. if you're feeling extra extravagant, add some parmesan (shaved, not the crap powdery stuff). :D

  6. I'm trying to do the replace processed crap with real stuff too, but it's kind of tricky sometimes especially when it comes to packing lunches for work. Good luck with keeping that up and glad to hear your training is going well and you're avoiding injuries!

  7. Nice job on hitting the January goals! I'm super impressed (and intrigued) by your nutrition info...I too would like to get rid of the processed stuff, I just find it challenging w/ such a crazy schedule (I know, an excuse!). I'll keep working - you've provided extra motivation. And definitely get the bike fit!

  8. i like the idea of sweatpants and puppy piles. the end.

  9. Eggplant is good in stir fry or with pasta! The hard part is that you have to soak it or something overnight to get rid of the bitterness (I made homemade eggplant pasta once and never did it again). Keep up the good work on the new veggies! I should get on that boat - besides salad ingredients, I just rotate broccoli, asparagus and brussels in and out of my life.

    February's big goal for me is to ride my bike 4-5x a week minimum!

  10. i'm with you on the nutrition side of things. i really need to clean up my eating...but after this week cause i'm post marathon depressed. LOL!

  11. Yay for trying new veggies. I've been doing this a lot lately with the organic local produce delivery I get.. I had never heard of kiwi berries and they were delicious, and I've figured out how to cook chard and kale!

  12. Its a short month don't make too many just made me laugh. That is hilarious.

    And yes pick up the new veggie or fruit and give it a whirl. If it sucks you're only out 99 cents.

  13. Instead of don't buy any more beer, I think the goal should be to host your triathlete friends to drink said beer. Especially after that long, hilly ride you have planned.

  14. It makes me sad that your Christmas tree suit is getting all stretched out.

  15. Shouldn't the goal be "clean out the fridge so I can buy more beer?"

    In February I would like to find the gremlins living in my shin and kick them out. Pending evacuation of said gremlins, I would like to start training for my first triathlon.

  16. I just switched out of the Xmas tree suit last night for an even more obnoxious zebra print swimsuit with hot pink straps. Perhaps you need a fill-in identified.

    And really, make Emily's roasted eggplant dip already. Sheesh.

  17. We have now bought eggplant twice and watched it slowly wilt away to nothing in the fridge while we contemplated what to do with it. Whoops.

  18. The key to a swimming suit that holds its shape and doesn't become a see-through mess is to buy one that is 100% polyester. I've been swimming in mine for over 6 months and it is as tight and opaque as it was the day I bought it. The down-side is that none of the ones in a reasonable price range are very stylish.

    Good luck with Feb goals!

  19. My goal is to get a 20 mile run in and have a good, healthy taper before my first marathon ever marathon! Thanks for this great post :)

  20. I'd say Jan. was pretty damn good to you! Keep up the mojo into Feb.

    My goal for Feb. Stay injured and get the miles in I need to for a respectable Boston.

  21. I love the monthly goal idea. Keeps us (fairly) honest. I adopt it!

  22. "Do I get credit for cooking the cauliflower?" YES. And now 1) you have a new vegetable in your repertoire, and 2) you know how to text me from the store so that I can encourage these behaviors! ;)

    January WIN.

  23. Congrats on an injury-free month AND going over 100 miles in running! For veggies - suggest roasted cauliflower and broccoli - SO GOOD and so easy. February goals? Stay consistent with training and get my whiny self back into bike commuting. Metro is killing me.

  24. Just found your blog and it's awesome!
    February goals: At least one brick. One run over 8 miles. Ride with people. You know, be social while on the bike even if I feel incompetent and slow.

    As for veggies - I'm a huge kale fan, but none of that super healthy ridiculousness. Smother it with garlic and olive and oil and it's awesome with almost anything.

  25. You didn't go to PT even once in January?!?

    Egpplant is a required ingredient next time we have dinner. My place? Soon?

  26. Wow, 111 running miles doesn't play games. Well done! Enjoy the new crank this weekend!


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