random friday facts

1. The yoga class with the teacher that I really like meets on the only weekday that I have a meeting over my lunch hour and can't go.  It's hard being me.

2. We finally figured out why Sofie smells so bad after four baths and cleaning her ears out every day for a month.  Double ear infection and massive skin infection.  

3. My company doesn't do direct deposit, and I really miss it.

4. I wish I could mute people on twitter.

5. I love NFL football, but I really don't care about the Super Bowl this year.

6. I have absolutely no itch to race (or sign up for races) right now.

7. I made muffins last night.  With a hammer.

8. I got up early(ish) this morning to swim and didn't realize until I was in the water that I actually could have slept in another hour.

9. I am still not planning anything for after IM in 2012, but I've already had rather vague thoughts about what I'd like to do in 2013.  This horrifies me.

10. I had a bunion surgically removed on my left foot when I was 15.

11. When I moved in here, I went from my own huge walk-in closet to sharing a tiny half-closet.  Now I can't imagine having more clothes than I do.

12. Graham just jumped up next to me and started licking my ear.  He says hi, blog land.

13. I think it's weird to have a master bedroom in the basement, but we're thinking about moving things around.

14. I hate it when people put smile faces in work email.

15. Our couch and matching chair don't actually match.

16. I finally tried a Gu flavor other than the chocolates (raspberry, mint, etc).

17. Every time Molly yawns hugely it makes me really happy.  

18. I probably own about 20-25 cookbooks and have never opened a single one.

19. I want airy white curtains for our bedroom.  I also like sleeping in complete, solid darkness.

20. Yesterday I hit the highest HR I've ever hit on the trainer (spoiler: not high at all).  Thanks, Limp Bizkit.

21. Our washer/dryer is really tiny.  It makes washing sheets a royal pain in the ass.

22. I'm not sure my MBA was worth the stress of dealing with student loans.  Hopefully I won't always feel this way.

23. I'm tired.  I'm not complaining about being tired, but I am, in fact, tired.  I'm almost 2 weeks into what I think is a 3-week build block, and this is the point where there aren't enough recovery tricks in the world for me to feel bouncy again.

24. People preach about spinach being super food so much that I feel like I should get a Roctane-type kick in the ass when I eat it.

25. I wish I knew how to build an addition on our house.

Happy Friday, friends!  Let me know if you RFF'd today so I can come check it out.


  1. Build an addition like you bake muffins: with a hammer.

  2. Don't care about the super bowl?!? Maybe just care for my sake?

  3. I like the NFL too but being from Wisconsin, this year's superbowl is kind of a sore spot for me

    Chocolate outrage is absolutely the best flavor of GU. Why try another flavor? hah

    I RFF'd today

  4. No direct deposit, that's unheard of! I keep reading about people and their green shakes and know it would probably be good for me to add spinach to mine but just can't make myself do it..

  5. You can mute people on twitter: muuter.com. I think you have the option of an hour up to a day or two.

  6. As a kid I was all about football. Now, could not care less.

    A master bedroom in the basement totally suits you. You love sleeping cold with big piles of blankets and dogs.

    Spinach is amazing. Keep ingesting it, you won't be sorry.

    I love it when Molly yawns too.

  7. My husband wants to move our master bedroom to the basement. I just can't get into that idea.

    Get your airy white curtains and pair them with a light blocking shade you can pull down...

    I hear you on the addition. We desperately need more space (ok, really I just need a bathroom I don't have to share with 3 males), but our house sits weirdly on our lot, so we can't figure out a good way to do it. I'll probably still be whining about this when my kids head to college.

  8. I just moved and unpacked about 20 cookbooks yesterday. I really doubt I will ever open them. Any recipe I use always comes from the internet. Why am I keeping them?

    I work with a lot of passive-aggressive types and they are offenders of smiley faced emails. That gets under my skin.

  9. I think #19 makes it good to have your master in the basement (for the darkness, not the curtains). I have to sleep with eye blinds.
    Also I'd like more information on making muffins with a hammer.

  10. #25 I drive jason nuts because everytime I walk into our house all I can think about is changing the layout and putting an addition on. My third floor add on idea was squashed when DC historic district no longer approves pop ups. But, I don't think it matters were I actually live I will always want something different than that I have.

    #3. That sucks.

  11. I thought my husband was the only one without direct deposit! such a pain... of course he gives the checks to me to take to the bank. At least our bank has the ATMs where you don't need a deposit slip or it would be that much more annoying.

    Wondering the same thing on the MBA. Paying those loans and in a job that does not even matter whether I have that degree or not. For now it is in the category of things I accomplished for my own personal satisfaction.

  12. You know you're an endurance athlete when...you compare the surge you get from spinach to Roctane and not Popeye.

  13. #9 oh my goodness with the vagueness. can we get a hint about the 2013 goal(s)??? please? I have no real goals for this year due to my effing marathon-induced blood clot. I need vicarious goals.

    #11 we have a teeny closet in our bedroom but I just make hubby put his clothes in the living room closet. I should get rid of a bunch of clothes instead of being a jerk.

    #12 HI GRAHAM!

    #25 my husband used to be a remodeler. He put an addition on our old house but I hate it and think it looks like a zit on the back of the house.

  14. Hi, Graham!

    I'm a Steelers fan born and bred and my plan for the Super Bowl this year is just to drink a lot to dull the pain.

  15. GO PATS!!! :)

    #25 - I am going to need a new roof in a year or two, and I would love to blow out the upstairs a little. Yet, I don't want to pay a zillion dollars for it. I wish I could do it myself.

    #24 - I read that fast and saw "Spinach Flavored Roctane". My stomach literally turned.

    Ultra in 2013?? ;)

  16. If I didn't have direct deposit I would never have any money in bank account. It takes me forever to go deposit checks.

  17. I don't really give two shits about the super bowl this year either but I'm still going to watch it. Mostly so I can drink beer and eat chili with friends and laugh at commercials.
    I hated my old tiny washer and dryer. The ones that came with my house are much larger and I love them! I can dry a load of laundry in an hour instead of 2.5.

  18. You mention superfoods and here is where I need to vent....WTF is a superfood? Blueberries are categorized as a superfood but they aren't readily available all year round so if they were super wouldn't they be? And what makes a food super? Who defines this? The USDA and if so those jackhammers don't know anything so I'm not taking their word for it.

    Anyway, if you'd like I could take some of those cookbooks off your hands. I don't make a lot of recipes from the books I have but I draw tons of inspiration from them.

    And direct deposit not being offered? I would have to think twice about working for a company like that. If I don't write checks why would I go to the bank? Are there actual buildings anymore that house banks or isn't it all just wire transfers?

  19. You've got me hooked on RFF-ing. I love it ~ thank you.
    Also, #23, I can totally relate. Welcome to IM training eh?

  20. #3 This would kill me. I just found out our bank (PNC) does mobile check deposit on the iPhone. I'm in love.

    #11 Our closet space is suffering. As it is, I keep all my running/biking/tri clothes in separate bins outside of the bedroom. Probably helps cut down on the smell which is an added benefit.

    Hi Graham!

    :) (What about in blog comments?)

  21. The TweetBot app for iPhone can mute people, hashtags and clients like Foursquare. Best money I've ever spent on an app, totally worth it.

    I have a chocolate lab and she constantly had stinky ear infections. We switched her food to something based on fish and rice instead of chicken and corn, and I don't think she's had an infection since.

    Hi, Graham!

  22. Hah, Beth's advice seems useful!

    Muffins + hammer = ____ ?

    Poor Sofie! Antibiotics needed?

    #4 crosses my mind at least 10x per day.

  23. You have an MBA? I did not know that! It will payoff down the line. Muffins with a hammer????

  24. Please don't ever suggest Spinach flavored Roctane, even if spinach gives you a boost. Blech.


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